Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Tale of a Scaredy Cat in Medellin Cebu

I really thought Medellin was just a vast plantation.  Every time I visit my mom's hometown, Daan Bantayan, the town next to Medellin, all I could see was a limitless green in the horizon.

One summer, I joined my friend's team building activity. Instead of turning right to my mom's hometown, we turned left. We drove to a long road with nothing but sugarcane. Uphill. Downhill. It seemed endless.

Alas, at the end point, beyond the greens, this long stretch of white sand and blue water.  But this was not our destination. We were bound to Gibitngil Island.

So we camped.  The last time I slept in a tent was when I was in grade school.  I came unprepared and my back hurt.  The lights were off at 8PM.  It was humid.  I had trouble sleeping.  Until I found an even ground. Then the temperature decreased.  The cold breeze started to hover our tent.  It came with mild dew.  Then I was snoring.

"Medellin is a second class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It is one of the nine municipalities comprising the 4th Congressional District of Cebu Province. Approximately 120 KM north from Cebu City via Barangay Curva and 113 kilometres via barangay Luy-a. The town is bounded on the north by the municipality of DaanBantayan; on the south by the municipality of San Remigio and city of Bogo; on the east by the Camotes Sea and on the west by the TaƱon Strait."

A pump boat just docked next to ours and brought these, crabs at 80 pesos per kilo.  The cheapest I've encountered.

Couldn't resist my all time favorite we bought some for lunch.

Getting impatient,  I know, on my way, I said to myself, I was the last person to hop in.

Remember this scene? Yeah I'm a fan. By the way, we were off to "Funtastic Island". Colorfully painted that made this rock island fantastic.

I joined the group because I was hoping I could tick an item from my bucket list, cliff jumping.  Inspired by Bella from the video clip above.  I'm a fan and I'm crazy so I wrote it in my list.  Ok, so yeah, love life troubles and that stories.

So it's 30 feet high. It was high.  I was standing at the diving board. My knees were shaking. I could see the tension of the water.  One wrong foot forward it could hit my spine.  Disabled me forever or could kill me.  I attempted 3 times. But, I got my senses back.  Yes, Bella was too crazy to jump off and true, I was too scared. F**k drama. I was relieved, no jumping needed.  So yes, I scratch cliff diving from my list not because I've done it but because I will not do it. I don't have to prove anything. Maybe my youthfulness has faded, I will let it fade gracefully.  I was already happy with the sand and the sun. That really scared me. No defense needed. I accepted my defeat.

Anyhow, the water was cool. So I happily played in the water.  Looking forward to scuba diving instead.