Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sinulog at Hikay

So where was I last Sinulog? While everyone was on the street partying, I, on the other hand felt the signs of age. I was just in my room the whole afternoon watching live telecast of what's happening in the city. Yes it was colorful and festive but I left that to the tourists.  Roads had been blocked and I didn't fancy walking long distance. It was just too crowded. Laziness got me. Instead, I met my college friends for dinner.

We decided to meet in IT Park. I was from the south and going to the city that day could be a challenge. So I took the SRP route.  Surprisingly traffic was flowing and I arrived on time.  If you want a more quiet place for dinner during Sinulog, IT park could be a good place.  Although later that night people started to gather.

This troop were hungry and they were not on the mood for pasta. So I suggested Hikay - a Filipino cuisine with unlimited rice ala "construction-worker-kind" (we studied Civil Engineering together in college).  So here's what we got.

Special Mongo Mix
This is the most expensive mongos soup (bean soup) I tried. It cost 200 pesos for 1 serving bowl.  In fairness, it tasted good but I think my mom can cook the same way at a lesser price.

Sizzling Pochero
See that grease, the more evil the tastier! It cost 410 pesos per serving.

Chorizo Sugbo
Gone in a minute.  That describes how tasty this food choice is.

Bicol Express
I was hoping it would be spicier.

Just like any other calamaris.  Nothing special about this recipe.

Good one.  The veggies were still crisp. They were not over done.

Overall, it's a 3 out of 5 for me.  I've been to other Filipino Restaurants which serve better recipes and at a lesser cost.  The place was clean and staff were friendly. But what's important was I met these old good friends and someone else paid the bill.  #freeloader  haha!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Blue Elephant At Apple One Sky Lounge

Looking for a romantic place this Valentine's Day? Why not take your date at the roof deck of Apple One Sky Lounge?

photo courtesy of Paupau
Just pray for a good weather, this open space is ideal for that romantic date you've been planning.  The stars above you and the city lights will color your evening.

photo courtesy of Khonie
 Over the years Cebu has progressed changing its face to the world.

Somehow looking down, it took me to a distant place. While I was on the 19th floor, I remember the view when I visited my cousin's place in Hongkong.

we studied calculus together

Blue Elephant will serve you with its fine meals. Since this place is new, you know Cebuano's ban wagon style, its necessary to get a reservation or you wont get a table. (032-511-7600)  I was with my college friends. Here's some of their popular dish. A bit pricey than the Blue Elephant located in The Walk in IT Park

Phad Thai Noodles

Steamed Seafood Curry In Coconut Shell

Tom Yum Soup
Looking for desserts after a good meal? So we went to Maitre Chocolatier (my second time I visited them)

Here's what we got.  I love chocolate. It makes you forget your name.
Golden Euphoria: Ferrero Hazelnut Crunch Cake - Tempting chocolate hazelnut mousse on a velvety chocolate sponge cake topped with the enchanting Ferrero Hazelnut 218.00

Sweet Ebony: Lindt Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake - Indulge in a pure Lindt 70% Dark mousse cake with creamy sable taste of layered sponge cake and dark mousse 182.00

The Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa

While in Subic my family booked for Kamana Sactuary.  Its far from the activity centers but if you want a quiet place, then this hotel/resort is a good option.

The Main Entrance

The Lobby/Guest Waiting Lounge

My Room: 1st building, 2nd floor, 3rd window from the left

The Room and those those fluffy pillows

Neat Toilet
The view from my room

Good morning Subic, its time for breakfast

The Restaurant

It came with a breakfast buffet. Fewer options but they were all good

pork and beans

chicken adobo

turkish sausage

fish sticks

fried rice

mixed fruits

the view while eating
while waiting for our next activity

The pool side

enjoying the pool

or sit down, meditate or enjoy the view of the sunset
In one of the sunsets, I saw a giant red sun.  It was beautiful but it felt different. I was between mesmerized and scared looking at it.  Like it was a symbol of war or something.

A bit pricey but it was all good.  Thanks to my brother's family for the treat!

It's always a sweet life!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Brunch At Frontgate

This is yet another after shift adventure.  I saw this place while doing my groceries at Rustan's . I thought I should put it in my to go place.  So right after work, I invited my brunch mate for another food try-out.

Located in Paseo Arcenas is Banawa (Across Convergys) is the Frontgate. Not really at the front gate of Paseo Arcenas but the same location where Rustan's is at.

It opens at 11:AM.  Since we were 30 minutes early we went to Rustan's to get some stuff.

I love the artwork. A typical diner I see in tv programs.

The counter looks neat. These are what we've got.

Bacon Mushroom Melt @ 128 pesos
One word to describe this Bacon Mushroom Melt is Sinful.  I don't think I have used this word here in my page. The bacon, cheese and mushroom... you know that guilty feeling for eating a delicious meal even you know its very caloric? I like that the patty has this smokey barbecue flavor! Thumbs up for this masterpiece!
El Pollo @ 198 pesos
This is my friend's order but I could not help try the chicken myself.  Its a Mexican version, well, from the name itself. The flavor really gets into the meat. Yup I can taste Mexican seasonings there! Recommended.

Cheeseburger @ 95 pesos
 This I didn't try but I bet the patty was cooked similarly to my bacon-mushroom melt and so as the Salisbury steak! So bravo.

Salisbury Steak @ 150 pesos

Mr Poutine @ 143 pesos
Messy and yummy! Fries are fries.  I love P-O-T-A-T-O fries (in English accent).

@ 250 per pint
And that stuff I got from Rustan's?  This is that stuff.  I'm addicted to this ice cream. Its soft and flavorful and its best shared with friends. Happy sweet life!