Monday, July 29, 2013

The Attack of the Sweet Tooth Co.

Trying to get away from Monday blues, I decided not to work today. It was a valid leave though, I had it plotted the other week.  I had a scheduled dinner with 2 of my college-partners-in-crimes.

Last year, the 3 of us met in Vietnam and befriended a local.  This year, it was our turn to give our Vietnamese friend a tour. He will be leaving the next day, so we took him to Big Flat Bread.  I bet he had enough of Filipino cuisine.


I settled for penne in tomato sauce grated with Parmesan cheese.  You see, this year I have learned not to eat meat from any four-legged-beast. My friends ordered the spaghetti in bolognese sauce. Then, here came the platter of chicken in some weird-but-in-a-good-way mayonnaise dip.  I thought it tasted good not until on my 4th bite because I just saw a bacon strip.  Yeah it was chicken wrap with bacon. Naaah there's no need to react overly.  I just asked new set of plate, knife and fork.  The last time I ate pork was last Feb.  The waitress could have warned me when I constantly asked her if the other menu has red meat on it.  Luckily, the pizza tasted good.

I was more excited for dessert. The three of us has unique love for chocolate.  Our first stop was at Abaseria.  Here's the photo and be the judge:

brazo a la mode .  four corners . homemade chocolate cake    

I like the Four Corners among the three.  The one in the middle. It's vanilla ice cream with caramel and toron (deep friend banana rolls with jack fruit).  It's warm and cold then the sweetness of vanilla, caramel, banana and jack fruit will burst in your mouth.

Not enough sugar yet, we went to CMYK and here's what we got:

sizzling brownie . ube cake . deconstructed cheesecake . (i forgot the name)

I love them all because it's vanilla ice cream but I love the most is the sizzling brownie.  There's something about warm and cold desserts.  It confuses your taste buds, again in a good way.  And then we call it a night, I guess none of us had room for coffee anymore. So long, maybe next time when we see each other again.

Since I was on vacation leave, I thought I'd end the day with a relaxing massage and bentosa.  I end up having these bruises on my back from the jars they placed. naaah it does not hurt.

Cheers to friendship tested through time and distance. Here's the map:


  1. Hello partner in crime! :-) You're on a roll! Happy blogging!

    1. Thank you Khonie... after how many years am inspired to write again... your page is way too cool.. hehehe

    2. Thanks Ronchie! I am running out of steam. I am thinking of giving up blogging hahaha :)) Nabali na ta!

    3. Noooh don't I like your page... a lot would miss it too!