Monday, October 20, 2014

The Visit to General Santos City: Day 2

Last September 12, 2014, together with 2 of my friends, I prepared an itinerary for the first time; destination from Cebu City to General Santos City via Cebu Pacific. The mission: invade the Tuna Capital of the country.

We spent Friday night in the city. See Day 1.

Day 2. We decided to go further south and experience the waves of Celebes Sea. It was a fair day actually. The sun was up but not too hot. A good day to go to the beach. Yes, we planned to spend all Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at a beach.  With no other plans but to enjoy the breeze, the sand and the sun.

There's a van terminal near Veranza Mall going to Glan for approximately an hour to an hour and a half ride. The fare was 100 pesos.

From Glan, we took a tricycle for 40 pesos each going to Rosal Beach Resort. We initially planned to go to Isla Jardin but the tricycle driver discouraged us because of the rough terrain going there.  He said the sand were better at Rosal anyway.  He sounded reliable as he was friendly, so we got convinced.

We were hoping to get a beach front hut.  With no prior reservation, we got luckily, there was one room available for us.

Yup behind me is the room.

It was actually spacious for just the 3 of us. Room rate: 2,800 for 2 plus 300 pesos additional person.

This was our dining. A bit pricey but it was really a big room. The resort was so quiet. It felt like we were the only guest. It was all worth it.

Here's our view (Sorry no panoramic cam)

To my right:

In Front of me:

To my left:

This was my spot. Perfect while reading a book.

The room came with a free breakfast.  But I suggest you bring food especially for dinner. That was what we miss to bring. So we went back to Glan for another 40 peso ride to buy a lechon manok and bread.

However, the water was not clear. I understand it could be the monsoon. But what I don't understand were the plastic bags floating.  It was dirty actually.  Please take care of your natural resources.  You'll miss it when its gone.  

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