Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Bucket List part 1

My friends are living MY dream.  So what am I doing sitting in my terrace with a cup of coffee waiting for my night-and-shining-armor-riding-on-a-big-white-horse, when I'm not even sure if someone will really come to rescue. Disney, it's all your fault! I think I grew up watching too many fairy tales.  Life isn't about happy endings. It's about living it and taking a journey. So I say to myself "Rapunzel cut your hair and see the world!"

So here are some of the things I want to accomplish before the year ends. I hope! Let's start to empty the bucket and mark X on the list.

I took a plunge in Danao Bohol. It was like bungee jumping sort off.  They dropped you from some meters high then swung you to the other side of the cliff just like a pendulum.  I died for 3 seconds and heard myself screamed. I want to feel gravity again but this time I want to do cliff diving.  Just like what Bella did in New Moon.  I want to conquer my fear of heights.  They say if you want to become a flight attendant you need to learn how to jump. (and that will be another story)

Dlyt's jump of her life in Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor.

You see, I am an ANTM fan.  I like what Tyra does to her model wannabees. I tried copying some of the themes.  So who did it better?  Some people just know how to make fun at themselves!

Next on my list was done in cycle 7, where they were blown to look like space flying.

Then I saw my friend posted a picture in Facebook doing something similar. Don't we all wish to fly like a bird and be free? (Was that a line from a song)  First I want to feel gravity, now I want to defy it. Talking about flying, I've tried the longest zip line in Asia when I went to Bukidnon. I could feel my feet touched the tip of the pine trees or was that just my imagination.  Being suspended in the air for some seconds magically brought youthful in you.

Free spirited Haidee in I-Fly Singapore

I reached the highest peak in Cebu and done a lot of trekking.  I wish I can conquer Mt Apo the highest peak in the Philippines.  But what I really want to do is conquer the ocean.  Not exactly diving Mariana Trench, the lowest point in the world.  My country is made up of 7107 islands and a home to several underwater species.  Known for great diving spots.  And all I really want to learn is how to scuba dive.

Cloyd enjoying the underwater of Moalboal

I know it's not a good season to dive because of the strong current.  We heard of some tropical storms in the news so why not learn how to surf instead and conquer the big waves in Cloud 9, Siargao?

Pau-pau's balancing act in Siargao
It's never too late to learn another language. And I've been stalling my French lessons.  My cousin taught me Japanese when I was 10.  My dad gave me basic Spanish in high-school. and I've tried french in college. Until now I can't seem to construct one good sentence and pronounce it well.  I didn't like Crème brûlée for nothing. I must pass my french lesson if i want to see the Eiffel Tower. (but that's not happening anytime soon)

my favorite dessert

and to complete this list. Filipinos are known to love karaoke. Yes we love to sing.  Apparently, singing does not like me.  Am from a family of 5 and it seems like I'm the only one who can't hit a tone right!  Singing is a self expression.  Some heavy emotion building up inside of me and I just want them out and the only perfect way to do it is singing.  Yeah I can hold a microphone, smile, pretend like singing for photo purposes.  I just really want to learn how to sing right.  I dont hope to win a contest or something I just want to sound pleasant... wink wink ^___^.

There you go folks some random things in my mind, @ 3AM Sunday morning while gazing the yellow lighted city, in my terrace with a cup of coffee.


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