Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Meeting of the Alta At Gusto

Good friends pick up where they left off.

Another friend of mine came home from Singapore.  I remember clearly what I said to her when she sought my advise. "As your team lead, I want you to stay but as a friend go get your dream. It's up to you which advise you will take."  Off she flew to Singapore to follow the adventure of her life.

And now she's back maybe for good but maybe for the moment.  So we set a lunch date for her today together with some other team mates who left also to find their niche.  Oh I thought, this will be loud!  We used to hang out like there is no more tomorrow.  It was fun memories, singing on top of our lungs,  the lap dancing, the grinding and the tequilas  - Yes! the tequilas, the culprit of our never ending laughter.

We agreed to meet at Fuzion Gourmet in Mango Ave.  The organizer didn't realize it was closed for renovation.  So went two blocks for Don Merto's and it was closed too.  We drove to Crossroads in Banilad to check Phat Pho and A-cafe, both were closed too.  Sunday lunch and all the good places were closed.  We concluded to go with the usual place, IT park.  An Italian Urban Cafe got the majority vote - GUSTO.

The ambiance was cozy.  I like their comfortable couches. Except for the flies and I don't know what's up with that day, flies were just humongous.  So we went inside instead of eating "al fresco" (and this is a Spanish word, so much for dining in an Italian restaurant).

And here goes the menu and of course it read in Italian and I don't speak/read/write Italian made me feel dumb (ha ha ha).  So I ordered FUSILLI.  Good thing the menu tells you what's on it in English.  So surprise me, I like surprises.


I don't know if it was Italian or was it just my tongue.  The pasta was not cooked well.  Too much sauce. It just didn't blend well in my mouth.  Maybe I needed white wine first because  I don't like it and my friends don't like it too.  The people were friendly but the actual service, I was looking for more.  The price ranges from 200 to 250 pesos.

Skipped my favorite part, the dessert, why-oh-why  ;(  We relived the old days.  We went to WHATEVER KTV bar in Mabolo.  It's the building beside my work but believe me it was my first time to go there. Singing on top of our lungs the music of Beyonce' Love on Top and Jenifer Hudson's And I'm Telling You.  They have unique way of naming their rooms.  We stayed at room forever. Like meant for friends forever.  The place was clean.  It was comfortable.  It did not smell rusty and dusty.  That included my two bottles of San Miguel Light Apple flavored beer.  Two thumbs up for this drink.

I believe that whatever happened may it be good or bad, it happened for a reason.  We may not be able to understand it yet for the time being perhaps God has delayed something for us.  We needed to learn a lesson because we are not ready, that's for one, He wants us to be stronger.  Or, He purposely delayed it, like you accidentally dropped your bag, you bent down to pick it without realizing an arrow was on your way, you're lucky to have picked your bag and missed the arrow that may hurt you.  A loss can be a blessing when you see the glass half full!  Happy Sunday!


  1. Wala pa gyud ko ka try sa Gusto. Mahal sad diay sila...

    1. yup medyo... I want to try Anzani... let's go and do our own review...

    2. Masmahal pa gyud ang Anzani kaysa Gusto...I think hehehe :D

    3. yup I think so too... cge lang once in a blue moon ra bitaw.. I want to try abaca too.. hehe Although I've been to MAYA, i think its the same company...