Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Birthday At La Creperie Paris

There's a new diner in town called La Creperie Paris. So, its French and they serve crepes (can it be more obvious?!)

My friend took me there on my birthday because:

1. I tried to learn french yet failed.
2. Paris is my dream destination.
3. I have a huge crush with the French chef.
4. and the crepes

I have tried to learn French since college. The pronunciation is just too difficult and spelling is another story. The only main reason why I enrolled those classes was because I like how it sounds.

There something about the Eiffel Tower that amazes me, like a moth glaring at a flickering oil lamp, every time I see a picture of it.  My minds starts to wander.  When will I see you Paris?

I didn't really know he's a chef.  We met him at M√∂venpick. He's the boyfriend of my friend's friend's-friend. He caught my attention while he was in this small pool nothing but he's board short.  Drool.  He started talking and I caught his accent.  He was from South France. Interesting.

I didn't really fancy crepes.  There's something in the pancake that disagreed with my tongue until I tasted the mango crepe from Marco Polo.  So when my friend told me that the crepes at La Creperie Paris tasted good I took her word for it, plus I know the chef and it was a birthday treat, how could I say no? 

They serve two types of crepes, the salted crepes (the breakfast type) and the sweet crepes (the dessert kind.)

La Fermiere: Bacon. Mushroom, Emmental, Mozzarella and Egg @ 185 pesos
Salted crepes are made from buckwheat flour.  You can never go wrong with bacon. Surprisingly I like it.  It was heavy actually or perhaps I did not come with an empty stomach. La Classique was marked with a flag on their menu.  Its the chef's specialty made of Ham, Emmental, Mozzarella and Egg.  I prefer bacon than ham so I chose the first.

For dessert my friend chose the mango.  The pancake tasted good.  It was thinly made the way I want it. It tasted good overall however, I wish they seasoned the mangoes with butter, lemon and wine they same way in Marco Polo.  The fresh mangoes were not as sweet.  (so I've tasted better mangoes)   

I chose apple-cinnamon with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream. I give this 2 thumbs up. I can be biased. but hey who doesn't love caramel and vanilla.  Toppings are toppings, what I watch in a crepe is the crepe (I call it pancake) itself. and this compliments well with the toppings without the eeekkk taste.

Like any other french meal.  I wrap it with a fine coffee.

They are located near Sacred Heart School for Girls.  Its near Homebakers along Juana Osmena St.  They are open 11AM to 10PM. see the facebook page here.


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