Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Alps Cafe: A Little Piece of Sky

A secret love affair.

An oasis hidden in the labyrinth streets of Guadalupe and Capitol area, you can find Alps Cafe: A Little Piece of Sky Cafe

Far from the madding crowd, this travel inspired cafe, is a perfect place to hide - - - or not anymore.

Its noiseless background makes this a perfect place to talk. Or just stare at each other. Oh that smile, confirms you are being loved.

The owner must have been to everywhere. A display of memorabilia from Cairo, Paris, Singapore and India.

They open from 4pm to 9pm.

It's so home-y, it feels like you are in your own living room.

I don't care how you get here just get here if you can.

I was just reminiscing a secret love affair which was done eons ago.  I came here with my friends who finds other cafes so cliche already. We tried to avoid crowded places so we laid our map and began our hunting. We just had lunch so I wanted to start with a cafe mocha.  The barista knew what he was doing.  It was smooth and less foam-y the way I like my coffee to be.

From the menu:

Matcha Waffle @ 95 pesos
Ignorance is a bliss. This looked appealing to me so I ordered one without knowing what matcha is.  Green could be avocado, pistachio or mint flavored ice cream.

The waffle tasted good and I love chocolate, but when the ice cream sent signal to my taste buds, instinct told me to stick out your tongue and get that tissue.  I didn't like it.  I tried to be a tea person but hey I am team coffee and you can never sway me.  That's when I learned matcha is green tea.

But to each his own (taste buds).  It was one versus three.  My three friends liked it and it was evident on their faces.  How I wish I could find the same taste that painted a smile on their faces.

Popeye's Dip: Pesto dip served with wheat bread @ 105 pesos
This I could take, pesto. But how I wish they put more olive oil and cheese for a more flavorful taste. It was a bit bitter but overall it was fine.

Shirley Brown: Homemade brownies, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce @ pesos
This is the best.  I could be bias since I love both chocolate and vanilla. How much more if its combined. The bitter taste of the chocolate and the sweetness of vanilla, it's a party in my tongue.

Tito Lemonsito: Moringa juice mixed with cucumber and lemon @155 pesos
Simply refreshing.  Of all the green we had, this is the farthest I could go.  No traces of the bitterness of "malungay" as the lemon won the taste.

Thank you alps cafe for the warm welcome.  And thank you for your goodbye wish.  I will surely be back

This is their bill pouch... very unique!


  1. "It was one versus three. My three friends liked it and it was evident on their faces. How I wish I could find the same taste that painted a smile on their faces."

    I also remember your look Chai. It was priceless. :) But that afternoon, I was reminded that we all have different palettes. So what may work for me, may not be the same for everyone else and vice-versa.

    Baktin Corporation

    1. If that was an audition to model their cafe, I'm sure I'm fired before I got hired... taste buds changes though over the years... so who knows...

  2. Thanks for coming to ALPS and trying out the food! Matcha is our personal favorite, that's why. Hehe. Hope you enjoyed your stay though. We look forward to having you guys next time. :)