Monday, April 14, 2014

The Island Hopping in El Nido Day 1

The thought of 6-hour-drive from Puerto Princesa to El Nido sounds dreadful.  We took the last trip at 7pm and I am glad the van wasn't full packed.  I was happy to be seated on the first row, at least I have the bigger leg room.  It cost us 550 pesos.

Time passed by swiftly. I slept through the entire road trip. I could not survived the uphill, downhill, zigzag, rocky road. Halfway we had late dinner at Fort Wally Food stop. The same company we booked our van tickets.

The rest of my friends who came earlier were deep asleep when we arrived at 1AM.  We stayed at Janna's Inn.  For 500 pesos a night for a group of 5. I think it was a good bargain.

I woke up with this beautiful morning.  The sun was up enough to warm the atmosphere.  It was a very good day for a swim.  With a cup of coffee in my hand, this view painted a smile in my face.  Why did I not come here sooner.  This is paradise.

We were ready to a plunge after breakfast which came free from the Inn we stayed.  Shades, rash guards, sunblock and of course camera.  click click click. First Day was combination of Tour C and D.

* Helicopter Island * Matinloc Shrine * Talisay Beach * Hidden Beach * 
Secret Beach *Cadlao Lagoon * Pasandigan Beach * Bukal Beach *

The Helicopter Island

The Matinloc Shrine

The Talisay Beach

The  Hidden Beach

Secret Beach

The Cadlao Lagoon

The Pasandigan Beach

Too bad I didn't have a photo when we went to the Secret beach.  My camera isn't water proof and you have to swim to a small passage to get in.  Maybe next time. I'm definitely going back. (updated, I have one grabbed from a friend, Verne, yay!)  I forgot to take a photo in Bukal beach I was too busy snorkeling. (Hidden beach photo's by Verne (marked photos) and Matinloc by Khonie)

We headed back to the town with good memories and it was just day 1.

For dinner, I had the mandatory-tourist-must-try, The Bird's Nest Soup with real bird's nest.  I paid 200 pesos a bowl.  I could taste clear thread like bird's <saliva?> to make a nest.  But it tasted like any other chicken soup.

After dinner we went for a drink by the shore just to chill. One of the best days.


  1. Hi! Just want to know if janna's inn is 500 per head or 500 for the whole group of 5.? Thanks

    1. thanks for dropping and sorry for the confusion. It was 2,500 for 5 of us.

  2. Hi! Just want to know if janna's inn is 500 per head or 500 for the whole group of 5.? Thanks

  3. Hi! Do you have pics of Janna's Inn? Local guide recommended this to us but not sure if the price is worth it. Torn between Bulskamp Inn and Janna's Inn. Thanks. -Krizzia

    1. Hi Krizzia,

      Thanks for visiting my page. A friend of mine posted details of Janna's Inn. Here's the link

  4. Hello. I want to ask if Jhannas Inn is beach front? And if guest can swim in the beach front? Thank you

    1. The first pic shows the view if you stand outside Jannah's. I don't think its ideal for swimming.