Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Trattoria Altrov'e

Beach and pizza may not be a perfect match. However, strolling along the dimmed lighted streets of El Nido, I reconsidered. It was our last night and I had the urge for good food. I mean, I was at the best place might as well experience the best dining. Plus it was my birthday week, don't we all deserve the best? So how did I know it was good?

It's rare to see pizza cooked in a traditional way, brick oven. That caught my eye. Not the conventional type of cooking so I thought I should give a try. You know how the smoke adds flavor to your pizza, it gets crusty while the inside gets chewy.  It was just the curiosity in me or purely a hunch that it was good.  Plus I saw a lot of foreigners dining so I thought it must be really good.

I saw their ad on my way to El Nido. Ok that was something to look up to but it was the least of my priority. Again, I found it odd, pizza and beach.  So we got in and it's another bare foot diner.  Yes you have to leave your slippers outside.  Only in Palawan, I thought.

As I can recall the owner was British and this is his assistant.  This is what you'll see while strolling.  You can smell it from the streets.  The tables are set up on the second floor.  I attempted to make a pizza at home.  It was a fail.  I couldn't make the dough right.

We took the squat type or it was the only one available.  The place was full packed that's how good they are. Since I'm no Italian food expert.  I'm only expert in eating. So we ordered the best seller.  Looking at the menu, they sound familiar, so I guess it's just safe.

Pepperoni: in peeled crushed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and dash of oregano @ 390 pesos

Quattro Stagioni: the famous four season: Mushroom, Artichokes, Ham and Olives @445 pesos 

All' Arrabbiata: Classic Lazio sauce of tomato, bacon, garlic, peperocino, paprika and parmesan cheese @230 pesos

Gamberi e olio d'oliva: Sauteed shirmps tossed in a blen of sun-died tomatoes, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and a pinch of crushed red pepperwith fresh shaving parmesan cheese @310 pesos


They were quick and indeed it tasted good.  At least my taste buds like them. This is what they said in their menu.

naaah, I wish their staff were more friendly.  I understand it was a busy night but a smile could make a difference. It wasn't as warm as they said in their menu but the pizza were.  :)


  1. It wasn't as warm as they said in their menu but the pizza were. :) <--- hehehe :))

    1. they were not rude... they were not just welcoming. thanks for visiting the site