Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Island Hopping in El Nido Day 2

It was day 2 and the weather was as nice as the first day.  The sun greeted us at its loveliest. Embraced us with its warmest touch. A  perfect pre-birthday celebration treat for myself, I thought, why did I not visit this place soonest? I heard that combination tour is no longer allowed.  However, we got the combination tours and at half the price.  Each tour costs at least 1400 pesos. We only paid 1000 each day.  Day 1 was combination of tour C and D while day 2 was combination of A and B. It came with free lunch. We had crabs, squid, fish and some eggplant salad.

* Seven Commando * Small and Big Lagoon Miniloc Island * Secret Lagoon * Snake island * 
* Cudugnon Cave * Cathedral Cave * Pinagbuyutan Island *

Seven Commando  

Small Lagoon

Big Lagoon

Secret Lagoon

Snake Island

Cudugnon Cave

Cathedral Cave

Pinagbuyutan Island

It was so much fun I didn't mind that I burned my skin. How I wish I could stay longer. How I wish I have learned how to dive.  How I wish I have an underwater camera. Nevertheless, I would not be able to give justice to the beauty of this paradise.  The memory will linger as it has been that best that I've been to.

marked photos by Vernes

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