Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Brioche

Crazy about cronuts? What are cronuts?

Its a food portmanteau word as described by Boston Globe.  It fuses the words croissant and doughnuts. defined cronut as "the shape, fried-ness, and creamy interior of a doughnut plus the flaky, delicate pastry layers of a croissant".

The Cronut’s creator is the French pastry chef Dominique Ansel, of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York.

Cronuts craze goes global.  It may not be as popular yet here in Cebu but I found one french bakery that sells it.

Located in Escario. The same area where Cafe Sarree, Michaelangelo and Portos are located. Dont ask me how to pronounce it.  haha

There were a lot to chose from but I was fixed on the cronuts.

Their best seller is the hazelnut.  Too bad they run out when we went there.  Next is the blueberry.  The creamy filling is enough to satisfy your cravings for sweets.  It costs 130 pesos each, so yeah, one is enough or it punches a whole in your pocket.

My friend chose the Apple Cinnamon.  Best paired with coffee.  It was a bold choice.  Not everyone likes apple cinnamon or its not a flavor we get everyday.  My next option based on looks after my blueberry was the chocolate.  I was hoping he'd choose the chocolate but to each his own (taste buds) haha  This cost 100 pesos each

What caught my eyes was this chocolate treat.  The odd shape added to my curiosity. Oh well, it is named for the shape, which resembles a cork, or bouchon in French. Full flavored chocolate... the darker the better yum!  it's like brownies but not as sweet....  this is at 40 pesos each.


  1. To each his own (tastebuds)! Check! As what we experienced with Uncle Noodles hehehe :)) Lami ang cronuts? Worth it?? Wala pa gyud ko ka try ug cronuts.