Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Hidden Crown Jewel of Badian: Team Spirit Booster

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

With the nature of our job, unity spells SUCCESS. Not only we work together, we'll also play together.  One way to work in camaraderie is of course to know each other in the team.  As we bond, we'll understand each other's weakness and work further with the strengths, patch the gap and feel the support system.

There's no better way to play but of course under the sun.  With white sand beach and clear blue sea make it even more perfect! So I took my team down south for our team building.

I googled Badian and the top results were Kawasan Falls and Badian Island Resort.  While Kawasan Falls is already an established tourist destination, Badian Island Resort may be too expensive for our budget.  Little to the knowledge of many is the hidden paradise of this municipality.  Perhaps, it hides from the plains and greens of Badian International Golf Course.  Yes you have to take many turns and see a lot of grass before you'll see this.

Alas! white sand, clear water, blue skies, the perfect place we looked for.

Its a public beach.  We stayed at Grandeur. It cost us php 5500 for an overnight stay which accommodated all 23 of us. A little over crowded but we slept comfortably.  Toilets were clean. The wash area for the dishes was neat. The dining area was spacious.  There were cooking stations so the smoke from your grill just don't go crazy everywhere. Plus the owner was supper friendly! I think that made the difference.

You may bring your tents too. By the way, there's no road built going to Grandeur, you have to walk along the beach for about 5 minutes. You can park your vehicle at the port area. See that white van below.

The white sand stretches to a kilometer or more. So I took my walk after our fun activities.

This is too beautiful to be ignored.  I didn't mind getting burned.  The sun and I were not friends but I kind of understand him already.  He is snob, that's who he is.  So i just let him burn me, I got my prize after anyway!

Sometimes, I get great ideas during alone-me-moments.

So I continued my walk.  Thrown some pebbles to the water, played with a stick, strut through the sand it left foot prints. I looked back and it was washed away by the splashing water. I looked up and smiled to the sun and said "you can never make me hide, anymore!"

So what have I realized in this journey? If ain't for the sun, I'm the hottest creation in this universe! dang! haha!

So I went back to my team healed.  Just like an online game I collected a crown jewel that contains x10 team spirit booster!  I can face another battle at work and make these little kittens roar like lions.  At some point I lost my charm but I'm back in the game.  Refueled!  I can take them to greatness with me.  I've done it before I will do it again!

If you are to be stranded in an island, who do you want to share it with?  I want you! will you?

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