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The Municipality of Catmon: A trip to Esoy

Oct 12, 2013 @ 9:30AM

My friend posted this pic on her fb wall. My immediate response was "take-me-here".

photo courtesy of Joice
Tropical storm Nari was forecast to hit land by midnight.  While finishing some staffing-to-dos at work, luckily the sun decided to show up.  It was bright and sunny morning.

I was with the same party when I went to Osmena Peak. Yes, it would be another non-stop laughing!

This time, off we went to the North, to the municipality of Catmon to find Esoy.

Travel time was an hour and a half from the North Bus terminal for 50/60 pesos to Catmon. (mini bus - php50, ceres bus - 60) The 10 pesos difference is for the convenience, I prefer the ceres bus because its bigger, wider leg room and when someone decides to bring his pet on a mini bus, there's only a small room to react. Okay, so I faked this picture, I'm not a fan.

Once you reach Catmon, you'll pass through a bridge, be on a look out to your left because most probably, you'll miss your stop.  The signage was not that noticeable.  Yes, you have to book before going there.

and we did not, so we dialed the numbers posted above.  While trying to reach them, we felt hungry, it was lunch time. Under the scourging heat of the sun, we looked for some descent place to eat.

Someone must had heard our tummy growling, we found this ad.  Here's my 100 peso-lunch, (2pc chicken, 70 + rice, 10 + fresh buko juice, 20)

Fortunately they accepted our instant booking. Too excited to climb those rocks and get wet in the river, while the northern part of the country was hit by a typhoon, here, the sun showed its noon strength. But before we took the habalhabal ride, which costs 25 pesos each, look at what we've found, dessert.

I've read about this place from a friend's blog and read some good comments. Yes I love desserts.

So I got a box of 6 of torta for 80 pesos and for my 20-peso change, I got 1 revel bar and 1 blondie cake. Seriously a revel bar for only 10 pesos! My say, the taste was too good for a 10-peso dessert!

Finally, after 10 minutes of habalhabal ride, we reached our destination. Welcome to Esoy.  There's something about green that is so relaxing to the eye.  Away from the concrete jungle where I live.

First you have to pass through these steps, make sure you have good knees.

Then your knees start to shake. Just when you thought the step are done you have to cross this hanging bridge.  Again it requires good knees to keep you from falling as the bridge may sway as you pass.

Then the rocky trail begins.

and it get slippery when wet. maintain those good knees.

not getting wet is not an option as some parts you need to swim.

lovely, isn't it? don't forget to bring fish feeds, you'll be surprise to see big tilapia in those waters.

not enough knees shaking?  I've got a chance to mark x one of my bucket lists - cliff jumping.  I climbed through the rocks without rope, just some roots, twigs, embedded rocks.  I can get sissy at work but not with rock climbing. I surprised another friend of what I can do.

a few minutes later we went back to our cottage near the hot spring where they built a small pool.  The warm water is so soothing.  It eases your tensed muscles after the walk.

What I learned from this adventure is when you expect less you'll get more.  I thought we'll just trek and get a mat, get lazy then eat.  I didn't expect to see the fish, I never knew there's waterfalls, I never expected to jump off the cliff and shouted on top of my lungs. and of course the stories from your friends which keeps the bond tighter. Thank you Joyce for bringing me there. Catmon really surprised me of what hidden treasures it has.

entrance fee - 100 - pesos
table per group - 500 - pesos
life vest - 50 pesos

I suggest to bring food and drinks, no corkage, the mini store there can be expensive.

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