Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Mending of a Broken Heart: An Escape to Bantayan Island

The island of Bantayan has been my cry to place. It's a haven far from the city. It's a three hour bus drive from Cebu City North Bus terminal to the port of Hagnaya and  forty-five to an hour sea ferry from Hagnaya to the port of Sta. Fe.  If I just wanted to be far from the chaos and most likely because of some heart matters this is my place to go.

You see, I'm not so good with the love life department.  It's a temporary escape when the city becomes too much as a reminder.  Cebu City is a small place to hide. There's high chance that you will bump to each other in Ayala or SM after a bad break up.  Sometimes, the places that you went to together adds torment.  

A weekend get away somehow helps. The island is so peaceful it makes me think and asses myself of my worth.  It makes me realize that its not my loss after all for I have this beautiful island.  This is the only place that can paint a smile in the midst of heart crisis.

A trike can take you anywhere within Sta Fe area where most of the beaches are located. It may cost upto 10 pesos per ride (from the last time I went there). 

Kota beach resort, one of the first few resorts in Sta Fe.  I usually stay here most of the time.  Lucky me I always get a room even without reservations.  They accept credit cards in the event you over spend your cash on food.  

Opposite to Kota beach is Budyong beach resort, they actually share shores.  Their price is similar to Kota, around 2500 per hut good for 4 person a night. I usually stay here if Kota is fully booked.  I like the location of these two resorts because they are just close to the market and you can can just walk to some diners.

Some of my favorite diners are: The Blue Ice restaurant

and Le Petit Bonheur

Sugar Beach is popular to students for its inexpensive accommodation. Its a 25 min beach walk from Kota and it will be a great morning exercise or just pay 10 for the trike ride. Its long stretch of white sand it perfect for setting up tents.

Road going to the right side of the port ( Kota is going left) you may at Beach Placid.

Beside Beach Placid is Anika Beach Resort (they share the same shore).  The resort is very neat from the rooms to the furniture. They have ice blended coffee after bashing the afternoon sun!

You can also schedule a boat ride going to an islet.  It's white sand beach too.  Here are some photo from the Virgin Beach.

And didn't I say about overspending your cash on food? who cant resist the freshly caught crabs, fish, shells? dangit, pusit and more for pasalubong?

so who ditch who? yes each shore has heard my stories but who mourns over a heartbreak when you are in paradise? I've got the best thing in front of me and what makes this journey more special is I'm always with my friends who are ready to leave what they are doing to come to me to this island! Life is short so I take off my drama queen tiara and enjoy the sun!

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