Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Secret Gems

On a secret date? Surely, Cebu is a small place to hide. But let me take you to some places away from the curious eyes of the madding crowd.  One route, 5 dessert shops stops that will complete your date. Or you can skip everything else and get to dessert right away.

Here are some the secret gems within the city.

CupcaKen. Driving through Salvador extension Rd from Labangon to Banawa, just before you reach Convergys, right after the corner road that exits to V-Rama. I've been curious about the place. I saw a photo where my ex was tagged smiling sheepishly outside the store. I've been told of the location but just couldn't spot until a friend who lives nearby pointed the place.

A small place yet very neat. Here are some of their best sellers. (55 pesos each)
Red Velvet
Chocolate Choco-Chip Dough

Mango Float
My favorite? The mango float cupcake. The cake and the cream on top create a perfect combination.  It's like magic when its in your mouth. There's a pinch a zesty taste that will linger in your tongue.

From CupcaKen, take the R. Duterte St and continue driving until you reach Cebu Provincial Capitol then take the road below for the next stop.

If you can see the building of UNO, then you are at the right place.

Prepare your basic french as the chef/owner is from Bordeaux, France. Here are some of their delectable desserts: 
Blueberry Cheesecake

strawberry and pistachio macarons

Canelés de Bordeaux
My favorite is Canelés de Bordeaux.  Don't judge by its look.  It surprised me. Like a bomb, it burst in my mouth and gave an orgasmic blast. The bitter taste of a burnt outer layer played with the sweet soft inside. The owner explained that it contains the same ingredients of a crème brûlée but baked differently. Its best paired with coffee.

Parallel Road along Juana Osmena St, you may find Homebakers.

Here are some of their sweet delights.

Red Velvet

Chocolate Cake

Braso De Merceditas ( I dont own the pic)
Too yummy I forgot to take a picture, my personal favorite is Braso De Merceditas.  Funny how I visit the place often but I couldn't remember how they call the red velvet cake and the chocolate cake.  There's another bitter-sweet chocolate cake that i like, its called Serendipity.  Its a moist chocolate cake but doesn't hurt your throat. Two thumbs up for serendipity cake plus my unforgettable story behind it.

Drive through Juana Osmena then turn right on the next corner along Escario st.. When you reach the intersection, don't take the Gorordo Ave rd, continue driving until you get the intersection of Escario and Apitong St. It should be the street before Parklane International.

Hidden away in a corner J Block Building is Sweet Little Things.

It is true that great things come in small packages.

mudpie . red velvet . blueberry crumble
My favorite: its the mudpie of course. If you have seen my face, I had chocolate all over and a smile like that of a 2-year old kid.

Take note that Apitong St is a one way road, so take the Rosal rd then turn right and exit through J Solon.  For the next stop, get to Mindanao avenue and exit Ayala through Cardinal Rosales Ave.  Cross the intersection to F. Cabahug Street.  Turn left.  Corner of Pres Roxas St and Pres Magsaysay St is the Corner Bakery.

Not your ordinary bakery. It feels home-y. 

chocolate cake
Banana-Caramel Pie
When desserts save a not so good date, this classic chocolate is a monster sent from above. Each bite spells satisfaction. It’s perfectly baked and well moist. The cream plays with your tongue. The banana-caramel pie has a different story. The taste of the banana, nuts and cream explodes in your mouth. It will make you forget your name or your date!