Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Lovely Sunrise in Roosevelt Mountain Resort

Another team had their team building last week.  I got a chance to join them and I'm grateful that they let me. While most of the teams went to a beach resort this year, they decided to book a mountain resort instead for their bonding activity.

Few years ago I brought my team to Mountain View Natures Park. The place is beautiful except for the road going there.  It gets so steep and I don't trust my driving skills.

Just last April, I came to visit Tops for the first time. Many were surprised that it was my first since I've been here in Cebu City all my life. If not for our Japanese friend who asked us to bring him there perhaps I wont set foot in that tourist landmark.  The area is located at the peak of a mountain and you'll get a panoramic view of the city. (obviously the picture below is not panoramic - haha!) Lucky me, the moon was at its full strength that night.

photo courtesy of Ryo
The same route to Mountain View Nature park, we went to Roosevelt Mountain Resort.  It's more intimate than the previous because they only book one group at a time.  It's a smaller place also and perfect setup for team building.

While Tops give you panoramic view, Roosevelt Mountain Resort gives you an equally beautiful scene of the city.
What I like is the cold temperature. It can drop to 25 degrees Celsius while the city is at 30 degrees.

 Pines give the atmosphere a fresh scent.

The bench has a space for another one.  Missing you beside me.

The place is accessorized with wooden furniture.

You can enjoy the pool until 10 pm or until you can endure the cold water.

The tree house was under repair when we went there.

Lovely flowers decorated the place.

Too bad it rained when we had our dinner but this long wooden table would have been good place to share the meals.

The majestic building under construction beside the resort is Queensland, not the motel but a cremation place.  Just Eerie!

photo courtesy of Yean
The following day, after the rain, I woke up to this beautiful morning.  What makes this more beautiful is the first face I saw when I opened my eyes.

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