Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Breakfast Club At Manggahan In Lahug

The common denominator among the 5 of us, well 6 if you include the bat in the background, is we are nocturnal people. Yes, we work in a graveyard shift.  So breakfast is our dinner and dinner is breakfast and lunch is served by midnight instead of noon. By noon we are already snoring, if the weather cooperates as sometimes, it gets too hot and humid.   

I'm used to it. I have been in the industry for almost 10 years. Seems like our elevators serve as time portal. The moment you step on it, it will bring you to a different time zones, London, NY, California, Sydney.

Its been a while that I have seen these people so breakfast/dinner would be a great time to catch up (we used to be on the same project)

We went to Manggahan in Lahug. (The place used to be a mango farm that's where they got the name and actually you can still see a few trees) It's located along Wilson St. on your way to Camp Lapulapu. If you see JY square then you are close to the area.

Bummer, we arrived there 9:30am and the kitchen won't be open until 10am. Actually, the chef did not arrive yet. But they let us stay, we were willing to wait anyway. A good conversation, laughing and tripping filled the 30 min wait. Everyone just wanted to talk, we were to noisy, good thing we were the only guest there that time.  Here's what we got:

Dinuguan ni Cardo

Sizzling Pork Sisig
Sizzling Pochero

Pancit Canton

mango shake
Some of their food has funny names, Dinuguan ni Cardo.  Some were not the usual, Crocodile Sisig. I didn't try the crocodile,  I wasn't ready for it yet and yes we still have plenty supply of chicken and pork at home hah-aha-ha, so spare the reptile! The place is known for giving more than the price you pay.  They serve good food. They are like home-made cooking. Nothing fancy but it taste good, just like having a good dinner at home. Another special from their menu is the Tuna Panga and Crispy Pata.

After we ate, we played guess the bill.  Whoever had the closest estimate wins. I won. My guess was Php800 for all of us. I cheated because I had been to the place and that's how I know about the Panga and Pata.

For dessert we drove through Salinas drive. Turned right through Archbishop Reyes Avenue. And right again to N Escario St for Mickey's Japanese Cakes.

Mango cupcake

Pumpkin Pie
A bit pricey, costs 120 to 140 per slice. Perhaps my tongue were not designed for their pastries.  The guy in the counter said it's their best seller. The mango flower was creatively made and the pumpkin pie was "in" for the occasion, its Halloween after all. I guess that's my good way of saying I don't like them.  Maybe Japanese cakes are not really sweet, I don't know, not even the cream.  It's more like a Jell-o to me than a cake.

So I settled for the tart I bought from the office earlier that day.  It half the price but 3x yummy-ier.

Thanks Marc for the photos