Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Cry Of A Wolf At La Vie Parisienne

The moon was at its full strength last night.  It was a perfect round and luminous.  It displayed both might and beauty. It was mesmerizing and I had my eyes locked for a few seconds while gazing at my terrace.  Then my eyes grew bigger. If I'm a wolf, I had howled at it gracing its presence.

Behind that beauty was madness.  While I was admiring it, I know, I felt its controlling my emotion.  I tried to be more cognitive but the more I fought it, the more I was losing. So, I let it consume me the whole night. One thing I was sure, I didn't want to stay in room or I would end up jumping off my terrace.  Lunatic? yes, I have some episodes of craziness.

I drove to the city.  I felt the need to accomplish something perhaps getting rid of the moon rays creeping to my veins.  I completed my stickers from Starbucks for the 2014 planner, so coffee was not an option last night.  I dialed some friends and most of them had prior commitments while some chose to ignore my message and it intensified my emotions. I was growing crazier each minute. I was glad someone responded and came to rescue.


I needed comfort food and this croissant has been my favorite.

Along Gorordo Ave, a few blocks from JY Center in Lahug, we found comfort in one of the couches of La Vie Parisienne. A container van turned into shop and filled with bread, cheese, cold cuts and wine!

I wouldn't miss their croissant baked perfectly to create a crusty outside, not burnt but just right yet the inside remained soft.

The breeze was a little bit cold last night.  Since coffee was off my list, we paired it with their house wine.

This is Michele Lhuillier labelled Merlot. Its soft and medium built with a little tint of sweetness.

The set up was so perfect I forgot about my emotional attack brought about by the full moon.  Though I could still see it, the place was just too cozy to worry about something.  I needed an accomplishment and I was craving for croissant and I got these additional sweet treats.

Pistachio and raspberry taste better than any macaron displayed in the mall. Enough sweetness that just tickled my tongue yet did not hurt my throat.  The custard cake was fine but I prefer the Canelés de Bordeaux.

There are people that are way too insensitive. They are going to hurt you, perhaps unconsciously and it takes an amount of understanding to just dust yourself off.

Cheers! A toast to living, loving and learning.


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    1. tag 40.. lami dili kaayu tami-is.. then ang cream sa tunga kay unlike sa uban na uga murag gahi na icing.. ila kay cream style... tag 40 pud ang croissant..