Friday, November 15, 2013

The Sunday Before the Typhoon At One Claypot and Royal Krua Thai

It was one fine Sunday before super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda came.  The city experienced lesser occurrence of aftershocks weeks after the region was hit with 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  The sun was bright and the sky was calm. It was a typical warm Sunday. A market day for most.

I woke up early. I was tasked to buy some raw materials for our decoration in the office.  We expected visitors. Where else can we get good materials at a lesser price? Carbon Freedom Park.

Its the biggest market in the city. It challenges your creativity with all the raw materials you can find. The theme was Fall season.  So we needed twigs, dried leaves, twines, ribbons.  Since we don't have maple trees, the plastic leaves would be just fine. Acorns were no where to find but pine cones could do just as good.

Most people has this impression that I'm "maarte". I dont know how I become one or when they got this cliche. Yes I go to this place of course. Anyway, I asked two of my friends to tag along so they could help me carry some bags! ha ha ha.  Poooof! there you go, a proof of being "maarte".  Ok fine, I needed help.

We spent half of the day going from one store to another.  We heard our stomach growling, we missed that it was lunch time already.  So we drove uptown. I heard about One Clay Pot House near the capitol area that served Singaporean fusion only to find out, they moved location.

So, I dialed some friends if they can google the new location for me but no one responded.  Data plan could have been a good help. But I like the adventure of hunting locations. I like driving corners after corners like an online game collecting gems something to that effect.  Another 30 minutes wont hurt our stomach I thought.

I passed this street several times.  It's easy to miss the place because the signage was very small. The only tip I got was its near Ayala and along the route of 14D jeepneys.

Well, the restaurant is very small.  Accommodates 3 to 4 small groups at a time. Nothing fancy but i like the small things they placed.  It was neatly arranged.

Then we ordered what we came here for, lah-lah-lah Claypot. The name suggests its Singaporean flavor lah? We also ordered some Thai and Filipino dish.

I give them A for the concept but I've tasted better food.  If you are secretly dating and wants a place away from the crowd the location is a good hideaway. But if you are into comfort food, uhhmm there are better places. A bit pricey too.  I don't like the Pad Thai. It was just cooked weird, more like carbonara-sauce-ish.

Then we went to Ayala for a movie, Thor: The Dark World.  It was better than the first one.  I don't know but I enjoyed it.  While waiting for the movie, we went to Starbucks for some refreshments.  It's that time of the year, call it once-in-a-blue-moon-craze that I go loco over stickers.

As of writing I need 3 more stickers. I'm planning to get the yellow or orange this year.  I have collected their planner since 2005 or 2006, talking about 8 years of loyalty.  ha ha ha.  

After the movie we went to Gaisano Country Mall for some more materials for the decoration.  Time passed swiftly its dinner time.  We went to SM since we couldn't decide where to eat in Parkmall. I guess, we were everywhere.  Another Asian Cuisine. A friend of mine commented, "What are we doing, Asian tour?"  

That reminds me, I've never been to Korean Restaurant or Indian/Persian.  Krua Thai never fails my taste buds. I did mention above that there are better places, well basically we paid the same amount but got better selections here.

A one fine day then the storm came.


  1. You were everywhere that day! Haha :)) Asa ang new location sa One Claypot?

    1. ay.. dili diay ma klaro ang map? from Parklane, take the Escario st. Right turn sa Molave st. then left turn sa C Rosal St. Na cya ubos sa isa ka hostel.

  2. Try Chosun Galbi (Korean) and Mr India and Firozian for Indian food.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I don't know if i have the tongue for Korean. I heard its spicy...