Monday, November 25, 2013

The Asian Tour in the City! Firozian Indian Tea House

When I went to Vietnam last year I met some foreigners, younger, I noticed most of them brought a book, it was like a travel guide.  I asked how long their vacation was for, most of them at least 3 months. Right after their graduation, before getting a job, or they recently quit their job, a vacation would be a great filler before getting a new one. They have different routes, Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-Laos or Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam.

While I just spent 10 days in Vietnam-Cambodia-Vietnam; I couldn't afford a long tour and I could not quit my job or I wouldn't be touring at all.  hahaha. Let us just put it this way, cultural difference. In my country, it's difficult to get a job, what more a good job pays the rent. So I'm lucky where I am at now.

While planning for my next destination, I've never been to Thailand and I'm excited this January, there are really good food within the city that will give you a taste of mainland Asia or at least close since some were adjusted to Pinoy tastes buds.

Here  are some of my favorites:

I may not be able to Authenticate the taste but among the Pad Thai in town, this one from Siam favors my Pinoy taste buds. The  noodles, bean sprouts, nuts and Thai spices blend well together. Located in Ayala Terraces.

I couldn't stop eating in Vietnam when I went home I was craving for their dish.  I was all over town, then a friend tipped me to visit Little Saigon, Big Bangkok in Guadalupe area.  Far from what I've tasted but it was a good meal.  Actually quite expensive.

While my sisters fancy sushi,  I don't. I want my food cooked. The tallest Ebi Tempura in town. At first bite you'll taste the distinct authentic Asian flavor. Although I've never been to Japan, but its the only Japanese restaurant I've observed where there were Japanese people dining.

Last weekend, a friend of mine took me to an Indian dining.  Located within the Capitol area is Firozian; an Indian tea house.  It was just a small space near Cebu Doctor's Hospital.  Parking could be difficult during weekdays, as we all know this is a busy area.

It was decorated with bold colors and their traditional prints to make the dining experience more authentic.

 yes, you need to squat!

I'm a coffee person.  I can take the tea but not the milk. As a starter, we had their hot milk tea. I took a cup just to give it a taste.  It wasn't bad, actually it taste good, creamy! I was just scared for my tummy, it reacts badly with milk.

I've learned from a friend that our taste buds changes in a period of time.  I wasn't a fan of shawarma. it's the smell I find it weird.  I was surprise how I liked the taste of Durum. It must be the yogurt-masala-sauce.  I ordered medium spice though. The Samosa surprised me too, in a bad way, all I could taste was the curry. A small portion was enough for me, I started to sweat.

If you are a rice person , you'll enjoy the Chicken Biryani.  If you are into bread, the Rumali Roti is perfect, although the Thai version (Blue Elephant) of roti tasted better.  

I really thought this was the dessert.  I was so excited to see the heart shapes.  Then I was clueless when my friend dipped it to her milk-tea.  "It's sugar," she explained.

Gulab Jammun

almost like leche flan, maybe because of the caramel but I still love my lech flan.  Overall it was a good meal and the price was right plus the great experience and good customer service, I'd say 4 out of 5 stars rating.


  1. I agree, mahal ang Little Saigon Big Bangkok.

    Re Japanese restaurants...have you tried Nonki in Bakilid? It's always full and lots of Japanese eat there. If mao nay gauge sa authenticity hehehe :D

    Oooppss sorry, you didn't like the samosas hehehe

    1. thnks for taking me there.. I enjoyed it... sorry if we have to order medium.. you know how i could not take spicy food!

    2. No problem :) Korean sunod? :D

      PS Try Ofokusan in Country Mall if you want Japanese :)