Monday, November 4, 2013

The Halloween Special

Mostly, the unplanned events are the coolest. There's something about spontaneity that pumps signal to our brain and describes FUN. I don't mean to sound scientific here,  maybe, I've been too tight with my schedule, breaking it gives a different adrenaline rush. Yes, I'm pretty OC with my schedule at work, any unexpected long meetings would kill me. Talking about flexibility, it's a skill I need to master.

Perhaps because you least expect them. There's no time to set high standard of expectation. No time to think whether or not it will be fun. Sometimes, it helps letting go and just go with the wind.

Anyway, it was a weekend. I don't think missing my laundry schedule would entail a big percentage loss in the stock market. So I said yes for a brunch. Besides, care bear was there. For sure it would be a time well spent. ;) I got too excited upon hearing this news, I forgot I was crossing the street, the taxi driver must have been very mad that I wasn't in my mind while walking. haha!

So we set to IT Park for Red Moon Chinese Cuisine and Delicacies.

It's not like my first time there. I've tried their food several times and the prices range from Php50 to Php130. Its worth the money you paid for.  Here's what we got:

Yang Chow Rice

Fried Shomai

Beef Rice bowl

Sweet and Sour Beef
After brunch we went to Mango Ave. for a movie.  There's been a lot of DVD movie houses in the city lately. I've never been to one so I thought would be a good try.  We're supposed to go to a horror booth, well, its Halloween but we were not sure if it was already open that hour.
photo my CMBC
We ended up watching Dark Skies.  It started ok, then it got better towards the end. The climax of the story was too close towards the end that it fell short.  It wasn't a scary movie. We were looking for a good horror film.  I'm not good with movie review so I'll skip that part.

Except for the AC, the place was great. Nice concept actually. Audio was good. They projected the movie in the wall, it was wide for us to see. It came with a free drink and we won a pop corn. But nothing beats a movie in the comfort of your own living room or bed room. Maybe it's time for me to get my own wide screen t.v.

So I went home late and slept the whole day, I miss Saturday night Halloween clubbing but that morning was fun!