Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Bohol Etc

Bohol is a haven for tourists.  As I mentioned in my previous post, in my every visit it always gives me something new.  It's just a few hours away from Cebu City through Ocean Jet for 800 pesos round trip ticket at the newly renovated world class Pier 1. It felt like walking-in in an airport with their facilities and all.

Bohol Etc.

The Afternoon Walk At Alona Beach

Fine white sands

Good friends

Sea Breeze

Artist in the beach

As if the sea breeze is not enough to cool you down with a smashing 33 degrees Celsius temperature: Halohalo  
The Day Tour at Loboc
 We've cruised the Loboc River so we skipped it and because of time constraint too. Instead, we went for a view watching and thought about the zip line.

Lovely view

The Zoocolate Thrills Tour (entrance fee - 60 pesos)

Feels like a kid again.  This is my Patronus.

A Bengal Tiger, Reminds me of a good read Life of Pi.

A coffee cat at its fiercest pose

The Man-Made Forest

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