Monday, May 5, 2014

The Hide and Seek in Bantayan Island

Three invitations in one weekend. How do you choose?

It was the first weekend of March, two birthdays and one big event at the office.  I said yes to all three but as the weekend approaches, how could I be at three places at one time? Birthday beach party in Alcoy, 93-km south of Cebu City, Bantayan island which is 136 km by land and sea, north of Cebu City and a snow-theme party when summer has just started. I wish I could use portals like that of Harry Potter or as rich as Paris Hilton, I could use a chopper. But none of those were reality so I had to choose.

Born Pisces on a full moon, I could get emotional and I mean extremely emotional. Call it lunatic, yes, all I knew I have to control it.  Like a werewolf my skin was tearing with the emotional turmoil I could not even understand where it was coming from. Maybe it was all in my head and running far away was the only solution. At least for a moment. So I let go of the ice party.

Should I run north or south? To run south where the atmosphere were filled with booze and laughter would only hype my emotion. That wasn't just what I needed that time.

I thought I just wanted to be far-far-away, with my book, under the shade of a palm tree in a white sand beach where the only sound I could hear was the splashing of the sea as it hits the shore to neutralize whatever that was in my head before I could get crazy.

So I silently left the city and took the bus up north.

I always seek comfort in this island. Too many heart breaks it healed me. Too many frustrations it calmed me.

Unlimited white sand shore where the blue sky meets the blue ocean. Peaceful, far from the city where time is slow. It gives you the moment to sort your mind, to meditate. It regenerates you and gives power to control your mind your emotions. Then helps you think clearly.

 I spent most of my time here. Dolce far niente. That's how I fight my own battle. My own nightmare. My own craziness. My own fear. Mind over matter and I needed the power to control my mind.

Without doubt I was healed, again,  This place never fails me. I went back to the city ready to fight any obstacles. I found what I was looking for, a little peace of mind.

On a lighter note, I feast on these.

These are the best the island offers. I always come back for these.

Cebu-Hagnaya (Ceres air-conditioned bus per hour interval) - 160 pesos

Hagnaya-Bantayan Island (Boat per hour interval) - 170 pesos

Mayet Beach Resort - good for 3 air-conditioned room - 1,800 pesos



  1. Lamia sa crabs!! :)
    Bantayan for you. Malapascua for me :) Adto ta'g Malapascua! Hehehe

    1. I went to Malapascua like 15 years ago... so yeah I can go with you.. ;)

  2. Good pics and an interesting story. I've been to Bantayan and can attest to the calmness and solitude that it offers me. My father was from there and when we were younger, he would bring us to the island to enjoy its beauty. This was decades ago, before any development/electricity. It's really a sanctuary for the soul and a way to recharge from the daily stresses of life. On a side-note, I couldn't help but notice you reading Hosseini's book. It's a good read and the author is brilliant. Try his next work: "A Thousand Splendid Suns." You won't be disappointed. Keep reading and continue to find your center in the reclusive and quiet areas of this world. These are areas for reflection and personal growth. Everywhere else is just... noise.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the comment. I will look for that book.

  3. Where did you stay Chai? Where did you buy those yummy crabs btw?

    Baktin Corporation

    1. I stayed at Mayet's Beach Resort. For the crabs I asked one of their help to buy me some. I think naa sila suki...