Monday, May 19, 2014

The Crazy Things We Do in This Lifetime: Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Looking for thrills and excitements and loving nature at the same time?

While browsing some pages, I've read "You only live once... live a crazy life."  Another page says "5 Things To A Happy Life: Go Extreme Sports." A news feed in my fb page says " People are not afraid of heights, they are afraid of the fall."

So I thought of celebrating my birthday this year differently.  Perhaps I have enough partying. I mean, it's the same rustic scene and old loud music til 4:00 AM.  I'm not saying no-to-parties but i guess I'm in the place where there's-more-to-that-phase.

So I packed my bag, left the city with 2 of my friends and sailed to Bohol.

At this age, I feel the need to accomplish something and that fear is just in the mind.  I need to push my boundaries to my limits. That feeling of conquering fear somehow will remind me of my daily tasks that I can face all hurdles in life and that I need to go on and quitting is not an option. The joy of a winner.

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is located in Camanayon, Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol.  It's more or less and hour from Tagbilaran City non-stop with a private vehicle.

   "It's an eco-park, a green-friendly tourism site."

This is their reception hall, dining area and souvenir shops.  We skipped the monkeys and snakes and paid 500 pesos these rope activities.

Fully geared for safety, the first bridge was an easy walk.

This second bridge was a challenge.  You need to hop or you miss a panel.  You don't want to end up clinging to your harness helplessly when your foot misses the target.  Keep your balance when your friends deliberately sway this hanging bridge to make fun at you.

Luckily I was wearing the right footwear, this is when I started screaming like a pig. It swayed left to right and up and down.  I stopped in the middle for my knees were shaking.  You need to have good knees to cross it.

The only way down was to jump a tree tall through a zip line. It was a quick torture. Yes I'm not scared of heights, I was scared to fall even with a notion that I had a harness.

"The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) has become some tourists’ alternate destination for viewing the Chocolate Hills, after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Bohol.... It offers another “refreshing panorama” of the famous Chocolate Hills, with a 248-step viewing deck."

It was a lovely scene. And now the main event, would you dare?

I did. I somehow manage to paddle the bike a midst my shaking knees as the wind blew stronger that swayed me and vibrates the wire. I was screaming as the ground below was waiting like a vulture.  I could fall. 

But I won and conquered my fear.


  1. Congratulations Ronchie! Nalingaw ko sa "screaming like a pig" hahahah

    1. am a beginner... sunod2 ra ko sa imong adventure...