Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Anda Beach, Bohol

This is yet another birthday celebration, actually, a birthday end-er. I don't know about you, how long do you celebrate birthdays? This year I thought of celebrating it the whole month of March. Why? I don't know. Perhaps to cover those years when I just hid my room.  Let's just say, I am done hiding and I'm way pass the drama-rama about the fear of getting old and of heartbreaks. There's really nothing in my room but four yellow painted walls.  Even the color yellow which represents sunshine and of happy thoughts seemed gloomy. 

I dreamed of peaceful blue sky, cool ocean breeze, pure white sand beach nothing but the sound of the splashing water as it hits the shore.  The kind of silence which is not deafening.  No boundaries only limitless horizon.  Under a warm embrace of a real sunshine.  I contained myself too much when my options were limitless, I thought.

So I asked 2 of my friends to come and celebrate.  We packed our bags and headed to Anda Beach in Bohol.  After our day tour, we arrived at dusk time.  The moon has risen and the sky was covered with purplish-blue-ish blanket.  Sooner, darkness enveloped us.

Stunned by the beauty of the moon, like wolves, we played.

The morning after.  As the ray of light found its way through the thick clouds it uncovered the beauty of this place.

After breakfast, it revealed more how serene the sea was.

To my left...

To my right... a limitless beauty of a long stretch of white sparkling sand.

Just like the picture in my dream.

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is richness of self.” ― May Sarton

We stayed at Ande de Boracay.  See here for room rates. It was affordable, we paid Php1000 each.  That includes our room, dinner (to think we ordered a lot) and breakfast.  The room was clean. The AC was full blast. The people were friendly and I heard we ended in a local cable channel ad, who would have thought.

Sorry, no details on how to get there.  We were on a private vehicle and luckily a friend volunteered to drive. I heard there are buses/v-hires from Tagbilaran City to Anda.

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