Saturday, June 14, 2014

The JPark Island Resort & Waterpark: Part 1 - Breakfast at Abalone

There were several occasions I missed my family's staycation at JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu (formerly known as Imperial Palace) because of work.  While they enjoyed the comfort of this bed at night, I was on my headset entertaining customers from the other side of the world.  (the life of a call center employee, ikr!)  My sister said it was the biggest deluxe room she'd experienced.

photo from JPark Island Resort and Waterpark 

While they basked, I hid my head under my pillow in my room for my body clock is sync to the Eastern Standard Time. I remembered how my sister narrated her banana boat experience. Spell j-e-a-l-o-u-s described my face. 

photo from JPark Island Resort and Waterpark

One fine day, I received an e-mail invitation from JPark Island Resort together with 30 other bloggers from Cebu to experience this 5-star resort and waterpark.  I missed a lot when my family went there, so I arranged my schedule at work and cleared my Saturday.  One sleepless day won't hurt so I replied to the e-mail to confirm my attendance.

After 9-hour full night shift I put on my sunnies as the sun was blinding.  I thought it would be a great day to to head to the beach.

I could get used to with this kind of life treated like VIP, a tourist bus picked us up, crossed Mactan bridge to M.L. Quezon Highway, Brgy Lapu-Lapu City, where JPark Island Resort and Waterpark is located.

Ms Angela of sales and marketing department greeted us warmly.  What better way to start a good day? A heavy breakfast buffet at the Abalone.  A friend warned me it could get rowdy, I couldn't blame them.

They claimed second largest buffet. It was a feast, I should say. With the wide variety, I started with Japanese. I'm predictable inclined to boring. Playing it safe, I picked California maki. (when was Califonia a state in Japan)

My friend tipped me to get the salmon flakes with sesame seeds. Credits to her culinary knowledge, it burst like a bomb in my mouth.  It was so good I forgot to take a photo of it.

Round 2-All American breakfast.  Did I say I'm predictable? Yes, I got the bacon.  Since it was so crisp, I put down my utensils.  It's not often you see me touch my food with bare hands. If you get lucky, it means i really, really like the food. (wink)

I paired the bacon with pancakes. This station was filled with different kinds of pancakes. I got the regular mix and spread it with blueberry. yum!

I skipped the Chinese/Korean noodle station. It was way too heavy for me.

Round 3 - The croissant, cold cuts and brie.  It felt like I've toured the whole world in one breakfast.  And that was just the beginning.  


  1. Just by looking at those photos, I'm busog na.-)

    1. Thanks for dropping by. It's worth the money... as in busog gyud.

  2. "Did I say I'm predictable? Yes, I got the bacon." <---- You can never go wrong with bacon! :D