Saturday, June 21, 2014

The JPark Island Resort & Waterpark: Part 4 - Team Building Activities

It's not always we get freebies to experience a luxurious day in a 5 star resort.  Lucky me, I received an invitation from JPark Island Resort and Waterpark (formerly known as Imperial Palace).  Working hard at night, I deserve this break.

"Thank you for calling and have a great day" was my last spiel.  Then I logged off, put on my sunnies,  Without sleep, I braved the blinding sun.

JPark Island Resort and Waterpark is located in Brgy Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.  Approximately a-30-minute drive from Cebu City.

Greeted with warm welcome a breakfast buffet waited for us at the Abalone.  After the short conference, food tasting for their new menu at Olive and breaks in between we were served sumptuous Chinese lunch at Ching Hai Restaurant.

Been awake for almost 24 hours, my phone battery had died but my energy level was as high as their world famous water slide.

And yes I dared. Like a pig being slaughtered, I found myself screaming inside the green tube. Who wouldn't it was dark inside and am scared of closed areas. I can't even breathe inside an elevator. The white was an open slide, it was an easy ride and ideal for kids. If you want to know how a poop feels being flushed on a toilet bowl, try the red.  I didn't have the time to react. After the life guard pushed me, a split second I was already at the pool gasping for air.  I had fun with people I just met. They were cool too. Here's the rest of the team.

(This photo belongs to Emjae of OMG Moments at

JPark Island Resort and Waterpark is also ideal for team building.

(This photo belongs to Herbert Kikoy at

(This photo belongs to Herbert Kikoy at

I belonged to the opposite side and our team won 4-0.  I'm a natural team player. Naah, I learned to let go of my hesitations.  Just to prove myself I'm not "maarte" as people would say I am. 

Those activities consumed what's left with my energy.  So it was time to relax and enjoy the pool.  The atmosphere was humid and the cold water solved it.

Before we left, they served us snacks, Ham and Cheese sandwich with french fries and a glass of cold four season juice. Grand! wast it?!  I could get used to with this treatment.  Thanks JPark Island Resort and Waterpark for this memorable experience.

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