Sunday, June 15, 2014

The JPark Island Resort & Waterpark: Part 2 - Food Tasting At Olive

If there's one job in this world that I want, it's the job of Mr Anton Ego, France top restaurant critic.

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Yup, he's Remy's critic from the computer-animated-comedy-film Ratatouille.  He's every top chef's nightmare and I quote "I'd like your heart roasted on a spit." I know I can't be him because:

1.  The only french food word that I can read and pronounce correctly is a croissant.

2.  I can't tell the difference between medium and medium rare.

3.  Was it oregano, thyme or basil.

4.  I only know Mozzarella, Brie, Cheddar, Parmesan and Cream Cheese.

5. When the only adjectives I know are only delicious, yummy and excellent.

And there are more reasons, let's limit them to five. 

Anyhow, so luckily I got invited to JPark Island Resort and Waterpark (formerly known as The Imperial Palace).  They let go of the Imperial franchise as a strategy to widen their market.  They opened a new restaurant to cater Asian-Mediterranean tongue called OLIVE and we were the first to taste them after their marketing and advertising head talked about the changes and their plans, that was 20 minutes after my full breakfast. geee!

Here are the creations of chef Russell Abarquez.

Similar to Thai's Pomelo and Shrimp Salad, as a twist, he used lemon instead of lime.  It tasted like our local kinilaw, well, it should be, it's a salad. See I couldn't imagine if a lime was used if it will make a difference or will it taste different.  All I know is that I like pomelo and shrimp, what more if these were combined.  Easy on the parsley though the bitterness from the pomelo was enough for me.

Tokwa't Baboy (Tofu and Pork).  I'm hard to please when it comes to tofu, not my favorite food anywhere. I like tofu on a clay pot with thick sauce so I wont taste the blandness of it. If only the pork was a bit tender but then again, I don't know about medium and medium rare.  I believe that, to each his own (tongue).     

Seafood Ragout in coconut shell.  Looks pretty and overall  the taste was good.  Although, it was too Filipino-ish than Asian.  Better if its coconut creamier and best with curry I think. Similar to what I tried in Cambodia, called Amok.

Vietnamese Beef Steak with Tamarind Sauce and Pineapple Salsa.  The sauce was more salty that sour.  I did not even realize it was tamarind sauce until he told us.  Sorry, but my tongue was looking for that same dish with tamarind sauce I tasted in Vietnam. In any dish, I hate cooked pineapple, it has a weird bite.

Moussaka. This is my second favorite.  Two thumbs up.  A layer of eggplant (I think there was a tomato), and meat. (yes like a lasagna). The b├ęchamel sauce was thick and well seasoned. Cheese and olives with balsamic vinegar, yes, yes, yes and yes.  

 Truffle Pappardelle - Freshly made flat pasta + olives + scallops = a beautiful dish that taste heavenly.  It was well seasoned. Pasta had a flavor and scallops were not overcooked. The olive oil just had the right kick. I'll get this again.

Between the two desserts, while my friend likes the chocolate cake, I like the cheese cake.  Creamy and enough sweetness.  Not the kind of sweetness that could hurt your throat.


But then again, I'm not Mr Anton Ego.

"...probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it" - Anton Ego, Ratatouille

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  1. Thumbs up! Getting really good with describing food! Nagutom na ko...and it's only 830AM hahah :))