Monday, June 16, 2014

The JPark Island Resort & Waterpark: Part 3 - Lunch At Ching Hai

"Hi my name is Ron. Visit my page at I'm a newbie in blogging. It started as a hobby. Well, it is still.  I used to write a paper journal to express my gratitude.  Counting my blessings and recalling my adventures somehow helped me personally when things are low.  It uplifts me..."

And I could move on but I did't want to bore them with my own drama so I stick to the first sentence as my introduction. Wow these people rule the online world here in Cebu. Their words as sharp as blades could conquer a whole community.

And what better way to spread the good news from JPark Island Resort and Waterpark to the rest of the cyberspace?

So we've learned:

1. Formerly known as the Imperial Palace, as a brave decision they let go of the franchise in order to increase marketability.  Being with the franchise limit themselves to opening different markets.  They said that the local market has increased and other Asian-Mediterranean market sounded promising.

2. Part of the the decision is flexibility as they planned to expand to different location within the country.  A casino is soon to rise here in Mactan.  In addition to their waterparks, they plan to install go-carts lanes.

3. They will bring back the membership model.  It's currently on hold for better offers.  A good news to my sister.

After the short conference and food tasting, I went to check the itinerary.  I saw lunch scheduled after an hour.  With no sleep and already full, nope I wasn't not complaining, I went to change to a more comfortable clothes as the weather was too humid.  Their toilet signage were too cute to be missed. haha

It was free time for us.  We took a walk to free our stomach as lunch would be ready in an hour. I told my friend that I should change blog name to "The Adventure of a Baboy".  She suggested "Chronicles of a Pig". Again I wasn't complaining.

Under the heat of the sun I took out my point-and-shoot camera.  It's time for click click and more click.

Island Pool.  3.5 to 5 feet deep.  Open from 7AM to 9PM. I was ready to take a plunge.

Cabane.  The art of doing nothing. Or maybe read a good book. I haven't really finished reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

Captain Hook's Pool. 1.6 feet deep. Open from 9AM to 6PM.  It felt great to be a kid again.

Did I say point and shoot? no panoramic feature included too bad. haha Very well maintained white sand coast.

sweet life, eh!?  When life gives you a humid temperature, do not complain as it unveil another beauty, you'll appreciate better the sea breeze.

After a short walk we were called for lunch at their Chinese Restaurant called Ching Hai (means pure ocean)

This photo belongs to Emjae of OMG Moments at

I love Chinese food.  It's a happy food. A comfort food.  A fine dim sum takes the blues away.

This photo belongs to Emjae of OMG Moments at

Treated like VIPs in this intimate corner of the restaurant, I gained friends.  See it was a good food, we were laughing the whole time.  I'm mostly silent with new people but with them I had the biggest ha ha!  Then everyone stared at us, then a moment of silence broke the chaos, then found our way laughing again.  Here's what we've got:


Siomai with crab rice

Shrimp Dumplings
Meat buns
 Deep Fried:

Bean Curd Roll with Prawns

Taro Puffs

Shrimp Shui Jiao
And more:

Yang Chaw Fried Rice

Sweet and Sour Pork

braised noodles with assorted seafood and vegetables 
This photo belongs to Emjae of OMG Moments at


Mango Sago

This photo belongs to Mustachio of Mustacioventures at

There's only one word to describe them all, D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.  It was my favorite part of the day.

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