Saturday, December 7, 2013

The After-Shift Brunch: Tagala's, Conching's and Apurado's

9:29AM, that's what it reads in our Avaya and everyone is so excited to press the log-out button.  Manning the queue from my monitor, I'm simply amazed how people's name disappear at an instant when the clock strikes at 9:30AM.

I remember what our VP said during the company's annual meeting with the agents.  He asked the crowd if we can recall how we celebrated the 10th year anniversary.  You see we had better parties so the crowd was just silent, a sign that we forgot.  "Cake-pops" was his clue and everyone in chorus said "ahhhhh". In conclusion he said in awe how we could remember the food we eat but not the actual celebration.

Truly we love to eat.  The moment my friends and I get out of the building, the common thing in our mind is "where to get brunch?"  The challenge is to spend only 100 pesos each.

Tagala's Chicken butterfly used to be in front of Velez hospital in F Ramos.  They moved one block away along Arlington Pond Road (Its between McD on one exit and BDO on other).

Nothing fancy in this diner.  The best way to eat "puso" (hanging rice - rice in a palm leaf), chicken and ngoing is through your bare hands. It reminds me of college days.

 What keeps me coming back here is their sauce.  There's a tint of a distinct spice. I'm turned between Cajun or Chipotle. I couldn't tell what I know is that it tastes good!

Have you been to Conching's Native Chicken and Fast Food?

It's actually pretty popular. In one of their walls, they decorated it with pictures of celebrities who visited their eatery.  Located a few blocks from SM city mall.    

They are known for their native chicken barbecue.  It was grilled well keeping its tenderness and juiciness. We also had the following from their menu.

The "buuuurpppp" sound after meal tells how satisfying their food was.

While visiting Firozian a few weeks ago, I spotted this place.  It looked pretty neat and descent so I thought of putting it in my list.

It is located near Cebu Doctors' Hospital in the Capitol area.

It satisfied our hunger after a long night of call taking. It never failed my tongue as it simply tasted truly Pinoy, truly home cooked meals.

I guess its time to shop new pants...  

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