Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Food Trip in Cagayan de Oro

“To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

And I had my fair share of broken heart.  "No passion, no spark, no faith, no heat, no nothing! I think I have really gotten past the point where I can be calling this a ‘bad moment’… This is worse than death to me, the idea that this is the person I’m going to be from now on… There’s like nothing – I have no pulse!" I felt exactly the same as what Liz said in this movie.

I was introduced to Yoga. After several months of partying, drinking, eating, shopping, I made it to the second stage; Pray. For nine months I abstained myself from eating any four-legged beast. My nutrients were from fruits and vegetable juice. Less clubbing scene and no to impulsive buying. I acquired discipline and focus through meditation. Inner peace gave me happiness.

I knew myself better, or so I thought.  I thought I was ready for stage three; Love.  At least I hav moved on from the last relationship.  No bitterness.  Well, stage three is not something acquired, it will just come. So for the meantime I went back eating.

So I went to Cagayan de Oro to attend a wedding.  My friends and I missed to plan what-to-do and where- to-go.  So instead I went Food Trip. I thought I came prepared but there were just to many good food to choose from, my food basket complained and I obliged.  So here are some:

Their new airport is an hour and half away from the city with non-stop driving.  I arrived 11:30AM and hungry. (I must be prepared so I came with an empty stomach)

So this is what I had for lunch. The barbecue surprisingly tasted good for the price.  The sisig was also good but I've tasted better. But the place is recommended, its quite popular in Cagayan.

On our way to Butcher's, this got my attention. Not because of their caption (customize-d) but the logo. Yes, I thought, i know where to go next after lunch, dessert.

Looks cute but their cakes were dry. Toppings, nothing special for 50 pesos.  Sorry I have high standards for cupcakes. ;) Cebu has better cupcakes at the same price or was I not in the right place?

Am not really a fan but this one tastes good it made me changed my mind about shawarma.  The spices were infused to the meat and it does not smell or at least my friends did not complain.  Maybe secret in eating this is to eat it outdoor. I really thought the pink sauce that came with it was thousand island dressing, it was chili sauce. I'm not a spicy person. haha

My outfit for the wedding got stained so later that day, we went to Limketkai to look for clothes.  Who would miss Missy Bonbon? I love their ice cream.  Actually this is my third time in Cagayan and the third wedding I attended.

I took a stroll in Divisoria and found another dessert shop.

It was disappointing.  I was surprised they warmed the caramel cupcake. It made the cake dry. The yema was too sweet.  The carrot cake was ok but not the topping.

I woke up late and I skipped breakfast.  Too excited for my Thailand trip in January. The next day, we had lunch here.  This place is recommended.  I did not come prepared or I just ordered too many. The service was excellent!

Too full, I only had take out pizza for dinner then went clubbing. Went home at 1AM. You see, it was my first time to attend a wedding at 5:30 AM. After the breakfast, we went back to our room to get more sleep.

Then we had lunch at Steve's.  Yup the chicken tastes good.

We went to Centrio to get our Starbucks and JCO and I did get some clothes too.  :) Its been a while since we last met so we just chatted the entire afternoon until its dinner time.  It was only 10 pm and most diners were already closed. What's going on Cagayan? So we ended in Gerry's.


  1. Although you have Bigby's in Cebu, you might also want to try the flagship store (but not the first store actually) at Limketkai in CDO. Then there's the timeless sinuglaw at JZ/JC Eatery (formely known as ZC Eatery) along Pabayo in Divisoria. And cap it all off with any dessert at Candy's.

    At any rate, I hope you still had a good time at my city even if the malls close much earlier than expected. ;)

    Baktin Corporation

    1. Did you know I just learned what Sinuglaw is, like few days before this trip... I never had the chance when I went there. ;( Maybe on my next trip