Monday, December 9, 2013

The Love for Chocolate At Maitre Chocolatier

"Like water for chocolate"

"An alternate interpretation of the saying "like water for chocolate" is to be like water that is hot enough to receive the chocolate when preparing hot chocolate to drink. It is a metaphor for describing a state of passion."

Growing up seems complicated than I thought. But I'm not jaded. Nope, I have not lost my romantic bone especially after I visited:

Yes I've had bad relationships. That's life! No matter how bad it is, what's important is that we get a lesson out of it and a good story to tell when you get old... hahaha! Just like this saying from their menu.

Yes it's been two years from my last heartache when I cried like a river. That's past.  I've learned to know myself better and love myself more.  I've learned what I want and what I don't. I've learned to appreciate what I can do rather than being dependent on someone else's opinion. Visiting this place reminds me how special I am and I deserve no less. Yes a bit pricey but like I said I deserve no less.

 If served with these desserts would still worry about love life?  They are desserts from heaven.  They are too good that I even forgot my name when I tasted their Angel's Confection.  I love Nutella, all the more with Ferrero chocolate in a cake! Make love with the chip and dip Chocolate Scones! all of my favorite dips in one serving... yum-yum!

This place is warm and cozy perfect for couple whose in their honeymoon stage. Yeah I'm ready to date again. I'm not closing any possibilities. I even like this someone. As what our grandparents said, "The best thing in this life is to love and be loved".  Hopefully my story will not be as complicated as the book by Laura Esquivel.

For the meantime since I don't want to look like a loser munching a dessert that is meant to be shared, I tag my friend along.  We are equally crazy about chocolates and desserts.

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