Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Visit at The Chocolate Chamber

I remember growing up my mom used to make tablea. After she roasted the cacao beans, she would call us to help her peel them.  You'd see my tears rolling as I get some thumb blisters while doing it. They were off-from-the-roasting-pan hot.  Maybe that's the reason why I wasn't into chocolates before.

When I got my sweet tooth some years later, I thought tablea would be a great business. Just put them in a nice package and send them off to the market.

While everyone was so busy getting their errands done before Christmas, I had the opportunity to relax from my own list. Also, to avoid traffic.  Hiding in corners of Panagda-it. A walking distance from Sarrosa Hotel, the road perpendicular to F. Cabahug St, I found comfort in The Chocolate Chamber.

They newly opened.  It was their 12th day when I got there.  In the afternoon, they open at 2pm. (yup they have lunch breaks at 11AM)

It felt like visiting my grandparents with their embroidered table napkins.

While waiting for my friend to arrive who got stuck in the traffic already, I was their first customer, I had the chance to talk with the owner who was very friendly.  I realized his business partner experienced the same thing with the cacao beans growing up and pursued the business.

I had no idea what I was getting. I checked the menu and it was all chocolate.  Imagine a dungeon filled with chocolate or the witch candy house in Hansel and Gretel.

As starter, I got the hot drink.  The owner suggested the hibiscus flavor. I thought it would smell weird, flower and chocolate. It would be great for a tea, but chocolate? Nah, I got the strawberry instead.  Perfect choice I thought.  When it was served, the aroma filled the room. Imagine playing with strawberry dipped in dark melted chocolate.  Ok, my mind wandered somewhere kinky.

Isn't this lovely?

old fashion chocolate cake
I like the bitter-sweet taste of the chocolate filling.  The cake, I like it more if it was moist.

blueberry with cream cheese
I don't think the blueberry compliments well with chocolate. It was too creamy it hurts my throat.

But the chocolate truffles (given as a complimentary) they were for the gods! To think these were home-grown beans and yes! they make their own chocolates.

And I took this home, choco-vanilla cookie butter which is highly recommended.

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