Saturday, December 21, 2013

The O'nell's Babybackribs At Portos

I'm in an industry where I can be replaced by just anyone.  That's a hard fact I learned this year for I almost lost my job. I struggled back in 2012. It was just a crazy year. It was tough that I almost gave up.

The month of June 2013 was a wake up call.  We needed to cut some people.  Just like any other business, it was necessary for the business to keep going.  That feeling is haunting me.  I thought, "so, how will I keep my job?"

I work harder since everyday the bar is being raised.  I learn new skills or you will be left behind, Today's standard maybe tomorrow's failing mark. That's how dynamic this world is.

As a leader, the challenge is on how to bring your team to that one direction. Some people buys the idea easily, some needed a little persuasion, some just don't.

Sometimes, I get misunderstood when I become aggressive.  Far do they know my only intention was to bring them to a better position, a safer place. Just like the story of a Shepard looking for a lost lamb.

But sometimes, the best way to handle a rotten tomato is to throw them away for it rots the whole basket.

This was one of my random musing while driving on my way to Capitol area for a good brunch after a long and tiring shift. I thought, yeah I deserve a good meal.

There's a food strip, a walking distance from the Capitol Palace, Escario Central Mall. There were interesting diners to choose from, Politics, Michael Angelo, Brioche, Cafe Sarree. We decided to dine at:

They are open at 11 AM.

 I got the ribs.  A way to tell that it is a good one is, if it's tender, fall-off-the-bone and the smokey-barbecue flavor. This pass my taste buds.  They have what we look for in a diner, good food, friendly staff and a clean place.

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