Friday, September 13, 2013

The Brown Eyed Monster in Sunset Beach - Samal Island

I wasn't ready to go home yet but I was dying to be in a bigger city.  I couldn't wait to see Davao City that time already.  You see for the past 4 days on the rode I'm nearly broke and I needed my lifeline.  Thanks to my plastic visa card you saved the day!

From Cateel, we booked a bus ride to Davao City.  It was scheduled to leave at 3pm.  We were done in Aliwagwag Falls lunch time so we headed back to the town proper for a good meal.  With few hours to spare and nothing really to do,  it was slowest afternoon.  I could imagine pizza, beer and a good massage.

August 24, 2013 @ 3PM

It was the longest bus drive I ever took. I tried to get some sleep but the thought that you were travelling over the mountains of Mindanao, the picture of the steep cliff we passed kept flashing in my mind, the rough terrain and the pouring rain kept me awake the whole ride.  The things that I imagine were scary.  The first pit stop was a military station which added to my imagination. Were we invading the territories of some rebel groups... It was a crazy thought.  All I saw was vast forest, I didn't know if I will get out of it alive then the tire blew.  The driver kept his cool and was able to fix it 20 min after.

9PM we arrived in Davao city all hungry and tired.  We settled our things at Aveflor Inn. I was ready for my pizza bite but all the good restaurants were closed.  I was not familiar with Davao City although it was my third time to go there we settled at the nearest fast food.  On our way to the hostel, I saw a spa nearby and I got a massage.  My back was aching and that ended the day.

August 25, 2013

Our next destination was Samal Island, it was just about 10 min ferry ride from the city port.  We were really craving for pizza we decided to leave Davao City at a later time.  We had brunch at Picobello. We picked some goodies before we left for Samal Island.

Finally!  It was holiday the following day Sunset Beach was full packed when we arrived.  It wasnt a place to relax, more likely a party beach, loud music, booze everywhere.  So we strolled the beach for some good party scene, part of me wanted to hit back to the room and get some rest and part of me wanted to stay, scanned the place for some more eye candy.

I used to party like a rock star but perhaps I have aged and just wanted a quiet scene.  Instead, we visited a local tourist spot the Monfort bat cave sanctuary.  Fruit bats everywhere and the air got stinky, I didnt like it. So we went back to the resort and got my 3 bottles apple flavor beer and call it a day.

It's called sunset but the sunrise the next day was equally good!

 Generally the people were friendly but they think I'm a snob. Maybe I am. I forgot the name of the resort we stayed but one of the care takers was cute, dark, rasta hair and brown eyes - go figure!

August 26 2013

Our flight wont be until 9PM.  We left Samal Island and back to Davao city.  We had lunch at Marina tuna grab my Starbucks, too bad they don't have my demitasse, and went to GAP for some things which we dont have in Cebu.  Shopping!  Life is indeed beautiful.

This is the end of my 6 day trip in Mindanao and I'll be posting for more future getaway!

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