Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Romantic Sumilon Island

"Good things comes to those who wait. But to those who make it happen, will it be better?"

I spent lots of gold bars in the hope of becoming fairer and whiter and then what? hid in my room crocheting because the sun was too hot it could burn my skin? So what's the point? Enough Rapunzel story, the prince charming was not coming soon.  It was time to change the story line of Rapunzel.  I will have more time doing quilts when my knees give in.  So I ditched the needle and yarn and packed my bag.

As they say "wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure" and at that moment, my heart as my compass, it beat OSLOB, so I took the first bus going south under the scourging heat of the afternoon sun! A three hour bus ride from the city.  I didn't worry getting lost. Even though, I had been to Oslob several times, that was the first I went on my own and I was not familiar with the place but I trusted my instinct.  I knew I would find you.

The Romantic Sumilon Island:

When I was younger our parents took us for a road trip south.  A sight of this island made my mind wander; a big castle, white horse, sparkling sand, magical dolphins.  I've heard great stories about this place.  I've had several invitations but I declined.  My previous team went there but I was so busy with school. My friend designed the Blue Water Resort that could give us fair discount and I declined I was so busy with work.

September 8, 2013: Sunday - Who could forget that day.

I woke up in this lovely morning.  The Oslob shore seemed calm. What a great way to paddle to Sumilon Island. As the sea met the shore, it embraced with music as the water splashed. A chorus you could only hear in heaven.  So, I did my morning ritual; a prayer. 

I thank God for the lovely morning and for the gift of life. 
I sure want to wake up with you by my side.
I thank God for the sun.
As warm as your holding hand.
I thank God for this beautiful life.
The serenity, peace of mind, good health.

 Finally, I arrived safely to the shore where I wanted to be lost and found. 

And i found you. Blinding as the water glitters, your smile captured my poor heart. It's that happy crescent painted in your face. 

Truly, this island is magical.  As our path crossed, you lead the way to happiness no words could describe.  

You fixed my broken halo so I could soar again and I will be your angel.  

Sumilon, it was worth the wait. You've conquered my heart. You've defined love differently.  You set me free. I will be back for more and conquer the other side of the island.


- - -

While writing this post I tried to recall the real reason why i declined those invitations. Then it occurred to me what i said to myself before, I just remembered as of this writing. Surprised, my eyes grew bigger when I remembered this thought. I said, I would only go to Sumilon when the right one comes. I reserved the place for someone I truly care.  

- - -
Bus from Cebu city to Oslob - ceres (php 155)
Bus from Oslob to Cebu City - sunrays (Php 147)
We stayed at Platypus Bar and Resort - room cost Php 1000 (unlimited people; air fan)
(Kudos to the owners they were very accommodating, prepare your Australian accent when you go there!)
Banca rent - Php 1,500 to 2000 whole day trip
Sumilon entrance fee - 10 pesos.