Monday, September 2, 2013

The Hidden Treasures: Britania Group of Islands

Aug 22, 2013 - 11:00AM

I wished I could stay longer in Cagwait beach.  I mean I didn't travel that long just to stay for one night.  But we had to keep going.  We needed to reach Davao city by Monday for our flight back to Cebu. Yeah, it felt like we signed up for amazing race.  So we packed our bags, said our goodbyes and took a motorcycle (habalhabal) back to the main road and waited for the next bus going south.

We took the Bachelor for 40 pesos to Salvacion, San Agustin. Actually, I noticed bus ride costs 40 pesos for an hour drive. From the town proper we took another motorcycle to Mac Arthur's Place where we rented banca for 1000 pesos that took us to the 4 islets; Hagonoy Island, Naked Island, Boslon Island and Hiyorhiyoran Island.  It normally cost 1500 for the banca and thanks to the friendly owner of Spacebar in Cagwait beach we got discounts.

So I geared up and left our back packs in the counter.  We had all the afternoon to do our island hopping. We needed to wrapped by 4pm to be on the bus again.  The town that we planned to stay for the night was still 2 hours from where we were.

It's another paradise.  clear water, white sand beaches, blue sky.  We were lucky to have some of the islands to ourselves, good for photo shoots.

Welcome to Britania Group of Islands.


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  2. sounds fun. i wish i can wear one of those rashies.