Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Magical Music of Tinuy-an Falls

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get"

August 23, 2013 @ 11:00AM

So we left Hinatuan after our sumptuous lunch at Drawde's Kamayan. For someone who does not eat red meat, I was still able to find good food.  It's important you fill your stomach when you are on-the-go. You'll never know when hunger strikes and that's the use of your zip lock plastic with saltines and bottled water.

A little disappointed with the Enchanted River (again not that it wasn't a beauty, it wasn't just what I expected and I expected too much) being on the road for 3 days became a drag already.  My muscles started to ache. my butt hurt after hours and hours on the bus, nothing really much to see along the way but vast rice fields! It would have been inspiring but too bad I didn't bring canvas, brush and paint. So I plug the earphones and started playing with my phone for some music.

Then we arrived in Mangagoy (and for some reason, I always incorrectly say it as "Magakoy").  Another friendly people everywhere.  It wasn't really some sort of a help desk but this guy from the local tourism office, welcomed us with a smile and answered us with delight.  He referred us to a super accommodating habalhabal driver who took us to our hostel (sheila or tifanny's? pension house) for free after we agreed with the price going to Tinuy-an Falls, 300 pesos for both of us round-trip.

After we settled our things, off we go again in a bumpy habalhabal ride which by the way I slipped coming back to the hostel. As a frustrated gymnast, I landed on both feet and kept my balance. that was embarrassingly funny! After several uphill and downhill. Let this be worth it.  The entrance fee was 20 pesos. So this was the first view I saw:

It was amazingly beautiful. It brought the kid in me like I just want to play. I was too excited to come closer.

The water current was strong it created spays that chilled the air.

We climbed to a cliff going to the next falls.  We had guides.  They made the path easier and put some handrails.

 I couldn't resist the water any longer so I took a dip. Better than a shiatsu, the water massaged my back. I just sat there and felt the water.

 I started my meditation. I emptied my mind while I was listening to the music the water created as it cascaded from layers and layers of rocks. It was accompanied with the wind as it whistled and accentuated by the movements of the surrounding leaves.  Peaceful.  

The guides asked if we want to continue climbing but we went back to the bigger falls and tried the bamboo raft for 100 pesos a round instead.

We stayed for a couple more hours.  They have side benches and picnic tables available. I felt happy and satisfied, we went back to our hostel. We didn't want to be on the road when twilight comes.  There were no streetlamps and we wouldn't know what might happened.  Then that's when I slipped.  Our driver was surprised but I landed on both feet and kept my balance.  No broken hips and bones I was fine.

Strolling the streets of Mangagoy, I didn't expect to see a Starbucks but a sari-sari store with some tables set up outside and ornamental plants gave the same comfort.  The nice lady poured some hot 3-n-1 coffee which I learned they don't serve normally. Lucky me they had hot water prepared from their kitchen and that made her nice. Alfresco! I was just observing the people that passed by as I emptied by cup.  Then I asked myself, why am I complicating my life again? It was just a different world while I live in a concrete jungle, just too chaotic!

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