Monday, September 2, 2013

The Pacific Ocean Encounter At Cagwait Beach

Sometimes, we wanted to be lost to be found.

For six days, I went to a strange land with my back pack.  I was hoping to find a blue eyed monster but I realized later I was in a wrong place for my search. But I discovered something else. In one of our lunch dates with my partner-in-crime she talked about her next travel, Surigao del Sur.  I was never been to that part of Mindanao and I read some good places to go, so I asked if I could go with her, besides, I needed some time off from work. Plus, it was August and we had 6 holidays (who has 6 holidays in a month? yeah only in the Philippines).

Aug 21, 2013 @ 8:30AM - Mactan International Airport. The terminal was full packed. Some eager to go home while some excited as we were. I was surprised to see how small the plane was. There were only 20 rows.  We were on schedule.  I'm sorry Cebu Pacific but you are known for your delayed flights.

We just took off then the pilot announced the final descend and we arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule. Wow that was the fastest airplane ride I had.  Surigao City's airport was small. I wish I had time to explore Surigao City but we needed to catch the first van so we would be in Cagwait beach in the afternoon. We couldn't afford to be delayed because we didn't have a place to stay yet.  Here's the summary.

Aug 21, 2013 @ 3:30PM - A total of long 6.5 hours drive to reach our first destination.  We needed to change van in Cantilan because the first van decided not to go to Tandag City. From Tandag City, we took a jeepney to Cagwait and a motor cycle ride (habalhabal) from the town proper to the beach resorts.  Surigao City to Cantilan was not a smooth ride. We passed several mining areas.  Plus it rained the day before, so the road was muddy. Then we learned a bus fell because of the rough terrain.

After a long commute and this is what you will see, I was healed.  Definitely a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. 


It was as calm a lake to think that's the pacific ocean already.  According to a local, there's a natural waive breaker somewhere that's why the water is so calm. So without hesitation I took a dip.

So I guess no surfing for me.  The following morning was a good time for meditation just sitting on the beach, let your mind wander, listening to the leaves, the birds, some splashes, music produced by nature. A good healing process of your mind and your soul.  One way of recharging you batteries to keep going in this crazy troubled life. After my meditation I took some walk.

Now that I have healed my mind, my soul and my body, it's time to fix my stomach.

Prepared by the owner of the resort himself. The resort that we stayed in is called Spacebar.  He was so accommodating. He even found a way to give us discount on our next destination.  He happened to know the owner of a resort we planned to go the next day.  So we are cousins he said.

Are you familiar with Baz Luhrmann Sunscreen lyrics "Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard; Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft."  I must have lived in the city for a long time where people don't mind what you are doing it makes you care less.  But the people I've met in Surigao del Sur we so friendly.  It seems like they know everyone.  They care.  From the people in the Jeepney, to the locals at the resort.  The people we asked directions, we thank you for the warm welcome.


Thank khon for the great photos.


  1. You're welcome! And thanks for joining this 6-day-long trip!

    Oh, nice map with the modes of transportation? Pwede icopy? Hehehe

    1. thank you for letting me join you. that breaks the ice... yes you may copy. ;)