Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Dance with the Gentle Giants

I'm scared of stray cats when they get too close.  Yes they are the epitome of walking gracefully thus the term catwalk.  They are arrogant because they know how beautiful they are and it shows in the way they raise their heads when at rest.  But just keep them away or at a distance... They have sharp teeth and god-knows-what-rabies. You will not know when they will attack. Those claws can definitely scratch your skin. And my friend caught me in action how I panicked when a stray cat neared me. Sissy!

This was taken in Oslob Cebu while waiting for the pump boat that will take my friends to go whale watching-slash-diving.  So I've been to Tan-awan Oslob Cebu twice already.

First was to take a Canadian friend,

Then, to take a Japanese friend.

It has been internationalized.  Ironic because I read about it first from a UK newspaper online.  How did UK learn it first when Cebu City is just 113-km from municipality of Oslob? We departed from Cebu South terminal as early as 5am.  It was a 3.5 hours bus drive for Php147.00 You need to be there early.  It's only open until 12 noon and the sun can be unfriendly.

On both occasions, we were lucky that the weather was perfect.  The water was calm and the sun wasn't yet at its full strength. Actually, the second time I was just hiding under these shades and waited for my friends. It's quite pricey, like I said it got internationalized.  500 pesos for locals and 1000 pesos for foreign visitors for  a 30-min view and dive. I don't get the price difference.

Then off I jumped.  I knew they were harmless, but their size intimidated me, when I saw one swimming at my direction I hurriedly climbed back to the banca skinned my knee.

Going back to the cat story.  You know how cats annoyingly brushes their tail on your legs that it jolts you from your seat? I wonder what happens if these giants flips its fin at me while I was busy to have a photograph taken.

and the water was so deep already. These giants just glide in the water, very graceful.  They are very peaceful creature.


My choices can be weird: a cat vs whale sharks and I chose the later if only I have fins and gills I could swim all day with them. ha ha ha mermaid!

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