Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Big Tom's Charbroiled Burger

Yesterday was generally a happy day. I aced my report at work. It turned out to be good when I expected for worse. For that small success, I celebrated.

Naaahh my friends and I had scheduled the lunch get together that day already even before that meeting.  After my day at work, I checked my phone and the last message I got, "see you at 11:00AM in Big Tom's Charbroiled Burger".  Unfortunately, I ran out of battery so I couldn't message them back.

I was in the area 10:45AM.  I didn't know they open at 11:00 AM. The sun started to show its strength. Gladly, the friendly staff let me in.  They were still doing their final touches before opening for that day.

11:20AM no friends yet, and they are not technically tardy for that long. I was hungry. I had two options. Leave, but I wanted to celebrate, stay, but I didn't want to eat alone.

11:25AM, so I placed my order.  Another alone moment.

Deluxe Bacon Burger (6 -oz) @250 includes the drink
This burger had me on my first bite. I had the patty medium well.  It was still tender and juicy but not too juicy which I like.  (I don't like beef that drains it guts on my plate) I love the smokey barbecue taste. Plus the charcoal type of cooking, it gave more flavor!

"You can never go wrong with bacon" True enough, it was generously placed on top of my patty which played well with the cheese and the tomato (to-MAH-to,)

I was hoping for more french fries. It was perfectly done.

I was too focused on my burger and I really-really enjoyed it. Bite after bite.  I forgot I was alone and I didn't bother.  If my friends would arrive then good, if not, then I had a good lunch.

Have you heard about this that anything you put in the table can be eaten? That's fine but at least read labels. A lesson I learned - the hard way. I poured some ketchup on my chopping board (used as plate). While thinking it was mustard, I poured equally the same amount on my ketchup (i like mustard and ketchup). Surprise! the label says Yellow HOT sauce.

So I went home, charged my phone.  I knew it, there was a second message. The time got moved.

I think its time to get a new phone.

Getting there:
It's in Juana Osmena St. Its near the Sacred Heart School for girls. Along Homebakers just before the intersection where Lex Hotel is located.


  1. Sorry about that fellow piggy!!! Mao lagi ning magsalig na sa text, maghuwat ug reply hahaha Unlike in the old days kung unsay sabot mao na gyud na!! So sorry! At least you enjoyed your humongous burger! ;-)

    1. naaah its fine... sala gyud ni sa akong phone.. time to get a new one or a new battery hahahha

    2. at least you enjoyed your humongous burger more than the dry noodle. ;)

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