Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Cafe Sarree

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."

If there was one word to describe my Thursday, it was "chaos."  Unscheduled meetings, never ending reports, metrics to meet, backlogs, unread e-mails, electric bills, phone bills, water bills, car registration, all these were joggling inside my head.

The pressure got into me it showed a frown in my face, I thought I would lose my 2014 positivity project. (If there's such a word)  The load was just too much or perhaps I worried a lot or lack of inspiration?

Whatever that day was, I'm just glad it was done.  Before I lost my sanity, since screaming in the city might not be appropriate, breaking plates might cause misfortune, shopping could be expensive. I was in dire need of good food, comfort food, warm food.

My friend and I drove to Escario St. for this posh diner.

while driving, I said to myself "better not disappoint me Cafe Saree".  I didn't want to end my day with a heavy heart.

On their menu it says "Our mission is to provide finest comfort foods by using the highest quality ingredients..." I must be in the right place then.

This apple lemonade got served first. It was more lemonade-y than apple-ish. Actually, I couldn't trace the apple.  Not bad for someone who's not into apples that much.  ha! ha! (This is my friend's request, so we got the pitcher)

For my love of crab I picked Aligue pasta.  (Aligue is crab fat, that orange part when you remove the crab shell. My dad and I fight over it.) Squeeze the lemon, add freshly ground pepper and it's perfect.  The sauce was creamy and a bit heavy.  A bit pricey for a brunch. If I were to get this again, uhm... the pink salmon dish our neighbor table ordered looked more interesting.

My friend ordered a beef salpicao.  It sounded foreign but its a Filipino dish with Spanish influence.  It's a pot where roasted garlic, pepper and beef danced in fire.  I like the salty-chili taste of the sauce plus the bitterness of the roasted garlic.  Although I prefer they make the beef medium well so it wouldn't be as chewy.

I know its a weird way of redirecting emotions.  Foods make me happy.  I'll have a better thoughts when I'm happy.  New idea comes in when I have better thoughts and that solves the problem.

or naaahh what's wrong with having a nicer than usual brunch? ha ha

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