Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Trek to Sirao Peak Part III

“The Good Fight is the one that we fight in the name of our dreams.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

Lunch was for 40 minutes.  When you got nothing but rice toppings in the middle of nowhere it became the most sumptuous lunch.  What made it the best lunch was you learn how to share. Then I gained some friends.  I asked them questions just to get to know them better. While some took another plunge in the cold water, I took a nap.  Who could not resist? The waterfalls sang a lullaby and the leaves fan the atmosphere. I needed to energize.  I found a slab of rock, laid my jacket then closed my eyes.

I am grateful for my good friend who invited me to experience this good climb. No dull moments when you're with her.

More waterfalls as we continued our path.  More friends I've gained along the way...

Just lovely, as these water dances with the rocks.

The path got more difficult.

Hug those boulders to get though.  Most of the time there were roots to hold but on some parts, you need to lock your fingers through the cracks, while you manage your balance and find a good spot to land your foot. No ropes, no harness, no helmets.

One of our companion fell and hit his head on those rocks.  I'm glad he was okay.

It got steeper I have to lift my body.  Talking about upper body strength, uhm, when was the last time I practiced? I wasn't even flexible enough to stretch my legs so I could have a wider stance.

We were attacked by the bees, apparently we disturbed a beehive, bitten by ants and cut our legs with some dried stalks, grass and sticks.

These were nothing compared to the lesson we learned.  Sometimes, in this jungle we live, its okay to ask for help and there are people willing to help.  Such a good heart.

We were at the ridge of the mountain, took one turn and found the peak. A few more hour we'll be on top of that peak behind us.

photo credits to Normania Addams