Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Cravings At Joed's Lutong Hapon

I craved for Japanese. But when 15th and 30th of the month is far from reach, budget matters. And , its a fact that Japanese restaurants would cost a fortune.

Lucky, a walking distance from work, one can find Joed's Lutong Hapon. Located in Panag-dait Mabolo, just across Sarrosa International Hotel.

I heard good reviews about this place from friends, news feeds in FB, other bloggers.  I'm not really familiar with how Japanese cook.  I only know a few.  I just really love to eat. When my tongue affirms then I get more. So I keep on the safe side - cooked!  I don't fancy raw as much as my sisters, oh how they love sushi.

So we started with a maki.  They call it Crazy Maki Roll.  California Maki is the farthest I can go, like I mention, I don't fancy raw. 75 pesos for 10 cuts. Must be good.  I convinced my friend to take her first bite. She hesitated. Perhaps the thought and from its look.  For me, pretty fancy actually. She liked it.  She look forward to have this again.

Oyakodon - Rice bowl with chicken and eggs for 100 pesos
Among the four, my order was the best and my friends agreed.  The chicken was tender and the flavor seeps well to the meat.

Sukiyakidon - sweet simmered beef for 95 pesos
Its served hot and you are supposed to dip it in a bowl of raw egg.  Apparently it was not only me who dread the thought of raw.  My friend had the egg cooked like sunny side up style.  Funny actually!

Jumbo Tonkatso for 95 pesos - Deep fried breaded pork chop.
 Crispy in the outside and juicy from the inside generously poured with sweet and sour sauce. (more on the sweet side than sour)

Happy Buuurrrrrp Day!


  1. My favorite from Joed's is Sukiyakidon. You're supposed to mix the raw egg with the soy sauce...

    If you like Japanese, I recommend you try Nonki in Bakilid (there are several branches around Cebu, but we only eat at the original branch :)) and Ofokusan in Country Mall. Both are a bit expensive but many Japanese eat there, so it must be close to the real thing :)