Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Comfort At Dong Juan

All of us has a comfort food.  I'm not certain anymore how I knew about this place. I'm guessing from a friend, an ex or a blog that I read somewhere.  All I remembered, I was hungry and it took me to the corners of Guadalupe area. It wasn't as popular as now.  A humble diner hiding along the complex roads of Andres Abellana (I always get lost driving there).

Working in a call center, my friend and I, whose body clocks set at Eastern Standard Time, had difficulty adjusting our time even during weekends.  Like owls we hunt food at night time.  Getting away from mall rats, we enjoyed driving the empty unfamiliar streets like digging golds that sort of fun.

Or was it my ex who lives nearby. We didn't like spotlights so we both agreed meeting in a non-crowded place.  There's a thrill in hiding. Also, away from the eyes of the unforgiving public.

Perhaps from a review.  I was scouting for good burgers in town.  In an article it was described how their burgers were so flavorful - smokey barbecue taste of the patty seemed drooling.

So this is their burger and this is how I rated it initially and I stick to my rating.

"My verdict, 5 out 5 stars. the bread crust is perfect and it chewy inside. The patty's smokey flavor and the beef is just perfectly grilled. You'll long for every bite and the sauce plays with the cheese in your mouth. Its affordable too from 150 to 200! what a perfect treat! I wish they have fries together with it."

I often myself there.  From comfort food to comfort diner.  Now they have several branches all over the city. You wouldn't miss to see these in my table, my two personal favorites:  Gambas Pasta and the Mozzarella sticks.
photo courtesy of Dong Juan
Those flakes that move when its served hot, I thought it was garlic, the I realized later it was shreds of dried fish.  yum!

Photo Courtesy of Dong Juan
Who doesn't like mozzarella? and I always ask for another saucer of that marinara sauce.

Last Christmas some my college friends came home from Singapore. As tradition we met for dinner.  Dong Juan recently opened a branch at ground floor Calyx Building, Ccebu IT Park in Lahug.

I'm not sure if the set was offered during the holiday season only but it was good for twelve or so I thought because there were only seven of us, the two came late and the plates were empty.  So here's what we've got.

Chorizo pasta

broccoli and mushroom 

Sizzling Gambas

Sizzling Sisig

Sizzling Pochero

Steamy Seafood - (All gone now)
This one was off the set but we were curious.
Kimchi burger

Comforting, especially when you are with your best buddies.  Our topic that night was the earthquake that hit Cebu last October. It sure was devastating but how we re-enacted how we survived? Laughter blurted out. I love these people, no dull moments.  The best food is best shared with the best people!



  1. Naa ra ang pinakasabaan ay...ang cause of all laughter...kanang nakablue na naa sa front :))