Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Cebu's Original Lechon Belly

Last year when I tried vegetarian, lechon was the hardest to let go.  I drooled even the smell of it.  The crispiness of the pork skin was the greatest temptation.  Eventually my taste buds had changed.  I was sucking nectar from fresh fruits and blended green leafy vegetables. I learned to let go.

When vegetarian cycle ended, I never appreciated the taste of meat that way. Like a vampire I craved for its juiciness and tenderness. Taking one bite after bite.

And of course I had long missed my favorite, lechon. Cebu is known for the best lechon in the country. Cebuano being innovative and creative made it boneless.  I heard it from friends also from some ads while doing my grocery list.  Believe it or not I just had my first boneless lechon experience some weeks ago.

According to feedback I got, they have the best boneless lechon.  One fine day, we drove to Parkmall to get this for brunch.  They open 10:30 AM yet the cashier was already queuing. They must be really that good.

They have spicy and the regular one.

We paid 500 for half a kilo spicy and half a kilo regular plus hanging rice.  Its best eaten with hanging rice and iced cold coke.

The verdict:  I'm not really into spicy because I'd sweat to death but yes the spicy one tasted better. The flavor neutralizes the greasy taste of the fatty belly. The skin was crisp just the way I want it.  It was another buuuurrppp morning!


  1. Whoaaaa!! A few weeks ago pa ka nakatry ani!!!! You sure missed a lot! Hahahaha :)) Grabe ka kas ug kan-on ang spicy lechon belly hehehe