Sunday, February 16, 2014

The City Time Square: Taj (Indian Restaurant)

While in Parkmall standing in line for boneless lechon, I noticed a new hangout place just across.  There must be something there interesting. I grabbed my pen and notepad and added it to my place-to-check list.

Then, a friend posted a picture with a big margarita glass.  The photo says "at City Time Square" which added to my curiosity of the place.

A week after I went to that same resto-bar my friend got her blue drink. A friend was visiting from Surigao so I took him there.  I scanned the place.  Interesting shops, I said. Mostly food shops, a haven for foodies out there.  What caught my attention was Taj.  I craved for chicken biryani.

Last Feb 14 I tagged my friends for lunch right after our shift. While everyone was so excited with their romantic dates which I didn't have and you don't have to have a romantic date that day, instead of being bitter, I decided to celebrate the day with my good friends. (I'm saying this line with my practiced smile)

Good grief that day was done. So it was just another 24 hours. I woke up 12 min night. It was 15th already and I survived. The flowers wilted and the chocolates melted. So moving on! (bitterness, right?)

It's a sit-down rather than a squat type like I had last time.

Obviously I enjoyed the paintings on the wall.

Here's what we got:

with Basmati rice and yogurt at 189 pesos
I think this was adjusted to Pinoy's tongue.  It tasted good actually.  It was more on the sweet part rather the the spicy. But it satisfied my cravings.

it didn't come with a sauce but I asked for curry sauce to dip this to at 60 pesos
They were generous enough to give me the curry sauce.  Nothing galic-y as the name suggested.
at 100 pesos
I find the chicken mild rather than smokey and spicy. I prefer the chicken biryani.

just like shawarma without the heavy sauce at 175 pesos
This one was a good try.  I like it overall. Chicken was soft veggies were crisp.

at 99 pesos (green tea something sauce and tamarind sauce)
I thought i wont get another Samosa from my last experience, surprisingly this tastes good.  Perhaps the sauce. or perhaps not enough curry.  Is it a good or a bad thing?

Overall, it was a good place to dine. The staff were friendly and accommodating as I tried to recall my Indian food vocabulary.  Not too spicy and a bit pricey but I enjoyed their food.

See, Valentine's day is not as bad. Its a matter of perspective.. haha!