Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sinulog at Hikay

So where was I last Sinulog? While everyone was on the street partying, I, on the other hand felt the signs of age. I was just in my room the whole afternoon watching live telecast of what's happening in the city. Yes it was colorful and festive but I left that to the tourists.  Roads had been blocked and I didn't fancy walking long distance. It was just too crowded. Laziness got me. Instead, I met my college friends for dinner.

We decided to meet in IT Park. I was from the south and going to the city that day could be a challenge. So I took the SRP route.  Surprisingly traffic was flowing and I arrived on time.  If you want a more quiet place for dinner during Sinulog, IT park could be a good place.  Although later that night people started to gather.

This troop were hungry and they were not on the mood for pasta. So I suggested Hikay - a Filipino cuisine with unlimited rice ala "construction-worker-kind" (we studied Civil Engineering together in college).  So here's what we got.

Special Mongo Mix
This is the most expensive mongos soup (bean soup) I tried. It cost 200 pesos for 1 serving bowl.  In fairness, it tasted good but I think my mom can cook the same way at a lesser price.

Sizzling Pochero
See that grease, the more evil the tastier! It cost 410 pesos per serving.

Chorizo Sugbo
Gone in a minute.  That describes how tasty this food choice is.

Bicol Express
I was hoping it would be spicier.

Just like any other calamaris.  Nothing special about this recipe.

Good one.  The veggies were still crisp. They were not over done.

Overall, it's a 3 out of 5 for me.  I've been to other Filipino Restaurants which serve better recipes and at a lesser cost.  The place was clean and staff were friendly. But what's important was I met these old good friends and someone else paid the bill.  #freeloader  haha!


  1. Apir! Mga freeloaders haha

    1. haha.. oh well mag ilog man sila kinsa mo bayad.. ;)