Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Brunch At Frontgate

This is yet another after shift adventure.  I saw this place while doing my groceries at Rustan's . I thought I should put it in my to go place.  So right after work, I invited my brunch mate for another food try-out.

Located in Paseo Arcenas is Banawa (Across Convergys) is the Frontgate. Not really at the front gate of Paseo Arcenas but the same location where Rustan's is at.

It opens at 11:AM.  Since we were 30 minutes early we went to Rustan's to get some stuff.

I love the artwork. A typical diner I see in tv programs.

The counter looks neat. These are what we've got.

Bacon Mushroom Melt @ 128 pesos
One word to describe this Bacon Mushroom Melt is Sinful.  I don't think I have used this word here in my page. The bacon, cheese and mushroom... you know that guilty feeling for eating a delicious meal even you know its very caloric? I like that the patty has this smokey barbecue flavor! Thumbs up for this masterpiece!
El Pollo @ 198 pesos
This is my friend's order but I could not help try the chicken myself.  Its a Mexican version, well, from the name itself. The flavor really gets into the meat. Yup I can taste Mexican seasonings there! Recommended.

Cheeseburger @ 95 pesos
 This I didn't try but I bet the patty was cooked similarly to my bacon-mushroom melt and so as the Salisbury steak! So bravo.

Salisbury Steak @ 150 pesos

Mr Poutine @ 143 pesos
Messy and yummy! Fries are fries.  I love P-O-T-A-T-O fries (in English accent).

@ 250 per pint
And that stuff I got from Rustan's?  This is that stuff.  I'm addicted to this ice cream. Its soft and flavorful and its best shared with friends. Happy sweet life!


  1. Na addict na gyud ka ug Blue Bell! I have only tried that country cookie something hehehe